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The hardest part is getting the supplies… and even that is easy thanks to the internet.Instead of making the weird sized Midori notebook, I opted to go with a size that I could easily find refills for.

A standard Midori measures 4 1/4″ wide by 8 1/4″ tall A pocket Molskine measures 3 1/2″ wide by 5 1/2″ tall Fabric – Two rectangles of the following size Large: 10″ wide x 14″ tall I’d have to edge it with a whip stitch, but just because I like that style!

Do you have any experience working with that material? I plan to really stuff my notebook full, would you recommend building in an extra inch to that 8 inch side to make more of a spine?Ameli, If you already have a stack of notebooks that you know you’re going to be using, you might want to cut a template from paper before you cut the leather. Are the needles specifically made for leather? I already own many of the supplies. From shop AClearPlan. Plus I found 864 feet of elastic cord for $4 on Amazon. Thank you There may be an issue with the Instagram Access Token that you are using. is thick enough for a small cover like the one I show here. I used a smaller pair of scissors so I could be a bit more precise. Thanks! This thin cord is great for crafting and repairing. But it also depends on your machine. It packs 5 core strands inside its 2 mm sheath and has about a 7" standout. While we waited for them to fix it, we walked across the street to check out some shops and happened into a Tandy Leather shop. They are smaller than the field notes ones. You can always pull and adjust if it’s not in the right place later.Step 3: From behind, poke the end of the elastic back through the hole into the inside of the cover.Step 4: Poke the elastic through the top hole, and draw it all the way through.Step 5: Bring up the bottom end of the elastic and pull it through the top notch to the hole. sorry for my bad english! First cut a 50cm length elastic band to connect the 4 holes on both sides, this band is used to fix notebooks. We just got in our latest Field Notes’ order, including the winter special edition I made my first Chinese-style steamed fish dinner last night, which also involved my first time gutting a whole fish in the kitchen sink. @Trent No, I don’t have any experience with waxed canvas, but I’ve wanted to try to make my own waxed canvas messenger bag for a long time. Then, I saddle-stitched the printed paper with the cardstock as binding, and came up with three mini inserts. You can use an awl or nail to make that hole.Cut a 26 inch length of elastic cord and a 10.5 length of cord. So now you know about how many books you can get $80/60 books = $1.33/book Each pack of elastic is $4 per 5yds the measurements given above call for 1yd +0.5in of elastic. I replaced the elastic that closes my Midori with the orange one – blue and orange, one of my favourite combinations! I use a leather hole punch for these two holes.You’ll also need a hole for the elastic loop which will hold the cover closed. So…If you assume that the piece you get is on the smaller side (20 square feet) then that means you have about 3456 square inches to work with.

Finally Inserts quoted above are $8 for 3 inserts and you need 2 to complete the project so 1.5 completed books per pack of inserts gives you $8/1.5= $5.33Now, a craftsman’s time is worth way more than minimum wage in my book. Buy more than one yard of one color and it will be sent in a continuous length. Once I got started and figured out the right size hole to punch for the elastic it took me about 30 minutes. You also might be able to find leather for a better price if you shop around. That one should be centered on the right side as you’re looking at the raw/rough side of the leather. The elastic is a bit bouncy, so it doesn’t just stay where you want it. But I have a lot of leather left and more projects to come, so I don’t mind.Let me know what you think about this article and if you would you like to see more how-tos.I had been using the sewed version (pictured above) of the homemade Field Notes cover until last summer when I moved everything into one notebook (an if you do decide to sell them, I’d love to buy one.Dad still has all his leather working tools, and I might give it a try. Let’s just say next time will involve a sharper kitchen knife, which I would’ve known had I watched the Youtube video before I did the deed. I’m bookmarking this for future reference. I’m going to do this. DoubleStitchedArt. Might be an obvious question, but if I wanted to add three field notes I would just center a 3rd hole correct?Yes you could add another hole or you could put an elastic band in the center of two notebooks and then use one of the cover’s bands for them and use the other band for another notebook.Thanks for the tutorial. I want to say they range from about $30 to $60 each.

It’s not hard at all.

Or if you don’t like that, you can cut them off. Just did a piece myself, following your advice. so 3456/48 = 72 books.

Take the longer piece and thread it through the bottom two holes so that the loop is on the “good” side of the leather.Thread the cord through the top holes as shown above. I rounded to 1 yard per book so that gives you a cost of $0.80 in elastic. Description. The hole for the closure loop should be on the left side.Thread the elastic back through the top two holes so that the cord coming from the left hole threads through the right hole and visa versa.The good side will end up having a double loop at the top as shown here.Flip it to the raw side and it should look like this. I should go into business shouldn’t I? @David The 3 oz piece of leather that I bought is called “tooling leather”, so it should be fine for carving or stamping.Do you have a leather-capable sewing machine then, for the stitched one? You’ll be able to adjust the tightness now.

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