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And she said that she knows what it means but she can’t help but think of it another way. You’re missing 2 of Caramia’s CGs.

Could you tell me how to get it? Now please let go.” Fuka finally stops embracing Axel lol.Kyrie tells Fuka he didn’t shoot Axel but the ground.Which was the reduced penalty from losing part of the territory.Before Axel is told to do his job he tells him he’s banned from eating sweets for a week! Even if it’s just a glance… I want to prove that Dorothy existed. And said that even with how smart he is, he just can’t figure it out. Dorothy then says Yes, but now she is someone who has nothing to do with herself. The one on the first page must be Caramia’s transferred route. <3 Errrrrr I mean please protect FUKA from the deranged Hamelin. They said they would have dismissed it except they found out that Hamelin was killed inside his jail cell. A quick walkthrough guide to reach all two endings of Caesar and his CGs. O_O But I was like .. SHIT………… MY HEART, lol! I won’t ever see her again, though.” Caramia says he is sorry for saying it was creepy seeing as this place was important to Kyrie. lolAxel is as blind as a bat and completely useless without his glasses. I’ve linked them in the comments too. That’s one thing I can confirm for sure. TwT Keep showing me your cute and awkward moments. He prefers not to do things himself, but will do dirtier jobs for the sake of gathering information. Sure you’re quite possessive but you’re aware of it and you are always trying your hardest to be a great partner to Fuka. Fuka, Caramia, Axel and Kyrie both all go up the tower. Once they ran away they met Hameln who grabbed Fuka and started shooting at Sou. She says she has and its for Axel to be freed from guarding her. Axel corrects her that its a water bug that floats on water. They go on dates and eat lunch together. I guess that’s why I didn’t receive it.I’m not really comfortable giving out my e-mail address for no reason though. He then says “Oh, you two would make a fine couple” and Fuka’s all like “how could you say that” and he kinda just leaves and is all whatever.Axel is distressed about him always hurting her feelings; so later that night he visits her in her hut and tells her he can’t stand KyrieThe next day Fuka finds Kyrie in the kitchen. OMG. Then later have some so called “adult time”. He went to emo in the place where Fuka woke up and didn’t understand what just happened and why it keeps happening. Fuka asks if it has fun swimming and Axel says “I don’t know. Fuka admits she didn’t know he didn’t have a heart.

Kyrie and Caramia talk about when Axel is finally do the do with Fuka and get funky. Apparently his trial time is up and he visits her looking dead inside. Im shit at writing and even explaining stuff so I hope this can at least give a good idea of what happens in his route. Something’s wrong with me. Caesar was pleased with her wish and he said since he is Dorothy’s power, he can make it come true for her. Because Fuka is now a separate entity and is living in so many people’s hearts (WAIT A MINUTE… how can she be living in so many people’s hearts if they’ve all forgotten her?! Anyway, before Dorothy went up, she would like to each grant the Lion, Tinman and Scarecrow a wish. Axel says it isn’t necessary since the cause is her.He lays next to her and says that this trial was pointless since now she’s only become even more precious to him. Those really serious types that don’t get the feels. That is not the face of someone who had a bittersweet ending because he was torn from the love of his life… I would feel exactly the same way as him towards a very important person even if I don’t love them romantically.Kyrie then happily tells Fuka “Welcome back” and they all joke about Kyrie being that same ‘ol Kyrie who never changes – doing things randomly for no reason. They thought it was Kyrie who did it. He thought their journey was going to make him happy but he is just miserable. This is like, the longest thing Axel has ever said in the entire game. She mentioned that she wants to team up with him for only this time and when he’s dead, they will again be enemies.

Thanks anyway! Axel says sometimes he does; but its thanks to a heart he’s able to smile, be angry, or love her. (LOL got scolded by a kid) She tells Kyrie that she wants Fuka to experience all the beauty in the world and that she was born out of her desires as an illusion of what she wants to be when she grows up. Caramia asks if he really is going to leave the place like this. ^^;;; (YES TOTALLY MAKES SENSE LOL – but this is lalaland so I guess anything’s possible! XD Also, this part was so fucking funny! The sweets ban is still in affect!” He then tells Axel to endure it for several more hours and good luck! She asks why and he says well if thats the reason it could be possible he’s in love with her too cause he gets the same sort of feelings when he’s around her.Later on Kyrie asks her where she was and she said she was out with Axel. A girl (Fuka) without any memories found her way to us.”“But then she… vanished, too. It’s a summary I wrote up as I played. I think he might be my favorite Tsundere character.

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