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Thank you for your business, Billy!This beautiful black cobra is going out to Texas, where Jacob cannot await its' arrival! Thank you John in Colorado for the purchase of this beauty. Now, imagine your favorite car that you used to dream about when you were a kid. You get your cobra yet? This Cobra is on its way to Ohio where it will be cruising the streets all summer. Now before everyone rolls their eyes and sighs out of exasperation, this is not a "Which is better" thread. Thanks for the business, Jeff! If you like it, get it and enjoy it! Thank you for the business, Troy! 134Thank you to Scott in North Carolina for the purchase of this Black Cherry Backdraft Cobra.

When he saw this one of a kind build, he jumped on it right away! This car is going up to TN, where it will join a nice car collection! Thanks Tim for the business!Judd saw this beautiful backdraft online and just could not pass it up!

On January 2011, we had Speed Fanatix (engine division of Backdraft Racing) replace it with a Roush 427R dyno’d at 517 lb/ft of torque and 547 hp. "Once I told them [his team], they started working things out. Just say the word.Here is Jon with his 1965 Backdraft Cobra - he is super excited for this one and will be cruising the streets of Naples often!

We consider … I hope you have many miles of smiles behind the wheel, Marcelo! We shipped this car out to TX for him and look forward to hearing about his adventures in this amazing car!This car is staying here in Florida, where it will be enjoying continuously! I look forward to hearing some fun stories with the car. Need someone to be your car guy? Thanks for the business, Greg! But while many people are hesitant to build replica cars, this article is going to discuss a few great reasons to build your own replica car.Part of performance is also how long your car lasts.

And while it would be nice to own your dream car, that's often not a possibility due to the high cost of really nice cars. Some had nick names this color combination "The Superman Edition" so I really hope Doug feels like he is flying like Superman while cruising around. Hope you have a blast.Congratulations to Armen on his first purchase from us here at Naples Motorsports. The company has evolved considerably over the past few years to established itself as one of the industry leaders in producing turn key minus cars. Let us know when you are ready for another Ferrari! If it's just something that you admire as a car (work with me here), i.e.

He confused himself a little when he came over and saw the vast array of colors we had in stock, but he kept coming back to this gorgeous Pearl White. Backdraft Racing Inc was founded in January of 2001 by 2 world champion auto racers, Tony Marten and Reg Dodd. He is now the proud owner of this Grigio Silverstone Cobra, and he absolutely loves the color. We appreciate the business and welcome you to the Naples Motorsports Family!Thank you to Ron from Florida who is now having a blast with this beauty. Thank you for the business, I know you're going to love this car! Ken spends a few months a year in Naples, and he is excited to get his new toy home in time for summer. We sure do appreciate you doing business long distance. Thank you for your business.Congratulations to Billy on his awesome new Backdraft! This car is on it's way out to its new home in TX. It's too easy to fall into lazy habits as soon as you get a few hours to yourself because you work so hard during the day, but if you allow yourself to do something you love in those precious hours, you'll actually feel even more energized afterwards. This car is headed to its new home in Connecticut! Thank you for the business Gary! We hope you enjoy this classic color combination in the Cobra. Article By xb-60 ALL COBRA TALK. We welcome you to the Naples Motorsports family and look forward to seeing you back again in the future.This Gulf Oil paint scheme was very popular on the Backdraft Cobra. These If you want to feel like you're driving a piece of automotive history, contact Backdraft Racing and check out their Cobra kits today.Owning a muscle car is an amazing experience that only a handful of people in the world can relate to. gone, not forgotten: Viper | Z06 | E90 M3 | E92 335iMy dog swallowed my FOB. Shelby®, Carroll Shelby® are registered trademarks and/or the trade dress of Carroll Shelby Licensing, Inc. (Shelby).

This amazing car is going to Stefan in Austria. The Cobra came with a 408 Stroker rated at 530 horsepower. Yes, they still use E36 suspension, rearend and brakes. Congratulations, and thank you for the business!Jerry has been itching for a Cobra for quite a while and knew this Blaze Orange car was the one for him! The AC cobra will be a brand new car built by backdraft with the roush motor.

The incredible color and sound is enough to draw the looks from everyone. Thank you so much for the business.Another happy Backdraft customer! We appreciate your loyalty. Your request has been sent successfully. The build that we put together on this car came out great, finished in Bentley's Dragon Red without any stripes and we added a hardtop! Thanks again for the business, we sure do appreciate it.This 1965 Backdraft Cobra is on its way to Texas, where Bill & Stefanie are excited and anxiously awaiting its arrival!!

If you want to see your car hit a quarter million miles and counting, use these tips to get there.Back in January, Ford announced the release of the new Mustang Shelby GT500 set to hit the market sometime in 2019, but they didn't provide much else about the car. A guy at work happens to have a Backdraft. Welcome to the NMS family! Enjoy the Cobra.This one didn't last long. We appreciate the business and hope you enjoy your BDR Cobra!Thank you to Mark from Colorado and doing business with us here at Naples Motorsports. Just a short 2 hour drive back home. Considering that there were only 348 copies created between 1965 and 1967, competition to collect authentic models is fierce. Thanks Jim for the business. I am contemplating the next Cobra for our inventory at Nostalgic Motoring LTD ( Thanks for the business, Richard!! Now they can have a blast on those scenic Montana roads. Thank you for driving a couple of hours to do business with Naples Motorsports.Freddy and Kelly came down to Naples to take delivery of this beautiful Cobra. They are going to have a blast this summer.

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