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The nuts should move easily and quietly on the tension rods. Part of this is because of the recording technology or production quality, but that’s not the only reason. If this isn’t the case, or your threads are squeaking, you can apply lug lube to the threads of the tension rods. It’s hand position is similar to a closed tone (or mute / muffled tone), but there’s a lot less acceleration. We're going to be using Ableton Live's Latin Percussion Live Pack, since it features a pretty good range of conga and bongo articulations. From one measure to the next, the pattern is shifted one sixteenth note. The touches help a lot to keep time in between the slap and tones. The variations are funky enough for this song and find space in the rhythm and melody to speak.I’ll admit that the conga part is low in the mix and that this song is not a hit that you may not hear at the wedding you attend. Most wrenches include two sizes to accommodate the most common nut sizes. These coordination exercises will provide a foundation that can be built upon as you develop technique and musicality on conga drums.The following exercise coordinates the different sounds as well as all possible syncopation in 4/4. If you accelerate the hand, you will likely tense up more when playing faster tempos.Heel strokes are a critical part of conga drumming technique. Although I don’t recommend beating your hand up, there comes a time when you should trust your technique and give it some power.Playing conga drums is a very physical activity, so it’s important to develop proper technique. These include tumbao (marcha), guaguancó, bembé (and other 6/8 patterns), and bolero, among others.Tumbao means to lay down a groove. These rhythms are more or less traditional, adaptations of traditional rhythms, or a new rhythm that’s unique to the groove.The following sections include explanations and examples of traditional rhythms. Potato is essentially a bass player laying down highly melodic tumbaos. But adding your arm too much too soon in the stroke preparation can lead to inaccuracy and loss of clarity in the strokes.The open tone is one of the two most recognizable sounds on conga drums. The basic samba rhythm is commonly described as "one, uh two" or "boom chicka boom" where the "a" of chicka corresponds to the "uh" of "one, uh two". But your drum kit setup is a critical step toward leveling up your playing, and certain drum and cymbal...Welcome to Rhythm Notes, a site dedicated to helping you level up your drumming and home recording. The mute tone, bass tone, heel stroke, toe stroke, and touch are all integral voices in both traditional and popular music. Part of this is because of the recording technology or production quality, but that’s not the only reason. Regardless of how you started playing, developing open handed... Let your hand rebound off the head and listen for the low frequency resonance. “I Want You Back” – The Jackson 5. If you choose not to play this pattern as written, at least play the tones and slaps. The loop was made by Jeff Porcaro on drums and Lenny Castro on congas. In other words, playing it fast without maintaining clarity is a waste of time.Each measure places the pattern — open tone, slap, closed tone (mute), bass tone — on a specific 16th-note subdivision of the beat. It adds a contrast to the other strokes and supports them rhythmically by keeping time in between accents strokes like slaps and open tones.Toe strokes are full of power.

Unlike the heel stroke, which is a drop motion, the toe is an acceleration.

Since gear is such an important part of what we do as drummers, you'll also find gear recommendations and projects shared here at Notes is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to The following examples include two different patterns, each for different parts of a song.The bembé patterns are also in 6/8. The slap sound comes from the relaxed fingers flopping on head almost like a tight flam where the primary stroke is pads of the hand opposite your knuckles and the fingers are the grace note.The openness of an open slap comes from the hand leaving the drum after the stroke. Patterns are called “marcha” or “tumbao,” depending on how you choose to think about them, and it takes development of specific techniques to learn how to play the conga drums.This article discusses the drums, their origins, different sounds, techniques, rhythms, and exercises. Although the layers of rhythms can seem a bit chaotic, it’s much easier to know the parts versus the improvisations when you know the relationship each instrument has with clave.The tumbao parts, for example, play certain rhythms in relation to clave. The Changuito warmup is comprised of heel and toe strokes. The marcha is the rhythmic aesthetic and timbre you achieve when the heel and toe strokes are played on the drum. The mute tone, bass tone, heel stroke, toe stroke, and touch are all integral voices in both traditional and popular music. Grip the shell with your knees, and use your feet to raise the drum by pushing toward the ground with your toes.You could also try striking the head in a slightly different area if the bass tone isn’t producing enough sound. Percussionists who do their homework and learn the conga patterns played on popular hit songs are rewarded with a voice in the song.

The only difference is that I try not to play too many tones or slaps on top of the drum set kick or snare hits. This led to the birth of the conga drum among other instruments and styles. The heel and toe strokes are not as important for pop songs as they are for Afro-Cuban music.The following examples include some variation of the basic tumbao pattern. Then, play the shaker with your free hand. If the tumba is around an A, try tuning the conga to a D above the A. Conga drums and heads can vary in terms of which pitch resonates best for a particular drum. If the tumba is around an A, try tuning the conga to a D above the A. Conga drums and heads can vary in terms of which pitch resonates best for a particular drum.

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