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Bruce Clark – New Orleans Saints, Kansas City Chiefs – defensive lineman Duffy Cobbs – New England Patriots – defensive back [55] Dan Connor – Panthers, Giants, Cowboys- Linebacker In fact, I am now convinced that maybe the two best teams of the two schools that have dominated my life and career – Penn State and Ohio State – could be two with blemished records who didn't win any title at all.I will submit Exhibit A and Exhibit B in my argument. You have to put your car up as collateral for a bet. An inexcusable blunder. I think this 1973 team beats up both of them. But I am not at all sure the 1978 Penn State team wasn't the best of them all.
And not only did I find it on Youtube with several games only recently uploaded, a couple were eye-openers in a way I didn't expect.First, it is remarkable to watch how good the football is four decades later when all this time we tend to assume competition and talent have been continuously ratcheted up all those years.Second, it made me realize what I'd sort of forgotten – the razor-fine line between championship teams and those that are cast aside in compiling all the lists. Those who knew your work fade away; those who never knew it take their places. But he had the misfortune of playing in an era when button-down offenses were the norm not the exception.Also, consider this: The whole reason Joe Paterno loosened the leash on offensive coordinator Fran Ganter and let the dogs run on that '94 offense was that his defense really wasn't very good. These highlights are even more resounding than I recalled. I was set to exclude him from this list at all, despite … Bruce Clark Student at Penn State New Kensington (The Pennsylvania State University) Kittanning, Pennsylvania 2 connections Nothing.I need a college football fix. The Buckeyes' secondary of Tim Fox, Rich Parsons, Steve Luke and Neal Colzie (with a young Doug Plank coming off the bench) hits like a team of linebackers.Yeah, the 1968 and 2002 teams won national titles. Every other play, Bruce Clark seems to be jacking up somebody or Pete Harris is picking off a pass or Matt Millen is mashing some poor schlub into the plastic. Matt Millen and Bruce Clark, who arrived here three years ago expecting to major in linebacker. To learn more or opt-out, read our I was set to exclude him from this list at all, despite the fact that he was drafted so high (No. Or if they are, why are they actually disparaged as unworthy of even making the trip to Pasadena that year?Because of a 10-10 tie at Michigan six weeks before after which the Big Ten athletics directors surprisingly voted to send OSU for a second consecutive year instead of the Wolverines. That game, coached in typical caveman style by Woody Hayes, prevented the 1973 team from being immortalized, just as the 1978 Lions.No, life's not always fair. And I feel the same about 1973 Ohio State.When do you ever hear either one of them brought up among the all-time stud units in college football history? Some look like they've been dubbed from VHS cassettes, others appear to have been copied digitally straight from 3/4-inch broadcast-quality masters by an old network engineer.Being August as it is, there's a dearth of compelling sports programming going on. It's not their fault they never saw the teams they're writing about. These are teams that flew around the field cracking heads. Maybe it was expected of players 30+ years ago to do whatever the team asked of you. Watch the closing credits and you'll see the name of a then-twenty-something producer who would make a name at Penn State more than a quarter century later as the puppetmaster of the "game-day experience" – Guido d'Elia.I'm sure the consensus best-ever Penn State team would probably be voted the 1994 unit simply because of its overwhelming talent not just in the "skill" positions but on a loaded offensive line.

It's true.So, then, watch the defensive play and be amazed. People love lists because they start debate.

It's their job and someone has to do it. Exhibition NFL just doesn't do it for me. EVERY PENN STATE win VS Ohio State - 1978--2016 - Nittany Lion Football Highlights - StateLionPro - Duration: 26:16. ... "Penn State, you know, the reputation. The emergence of Rory McIlvoy has been halfway interesting. Unfortunately he had those seasons in the CFL and with the Jersey Al explained that Bart Starr knew Clark didn't want to play nose tackle, as the Packers wanted, but he drafted him anyway. Bruce Clark. But what else? 4 overall) and never played a single down for the Packers. The intimidation factor is palpable.A couple of little sidelights: The video is not of the ABC broadcast I originally watched but from an outfit called TCS out of Pittsburgh with the inimitable Ray Scott and George Paterno on the call and used for the Sunday highlight show syndicated across Pennsylvania. PSU created an incredible eight Buckeye turnovers, many of them by blasting Ohio State's freshman quarterback Art Schlichter as he threw.

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