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He also shows genuine sadness when he finds the Imperial Army has been slaughtered by the Huns. Chi-Fu (賜福) is the secondary antagonist of Disney's 1998 animated feature film Mulan. Justin Lin com He graduated from the University of Southern California and practiced for 1½ years as a road engineer with the County of Los Angeles.
Ling, who wanted a girl who would laugh at his jokes (even knowing the chopstick nose trick that Ling believes to have invented), had to try harder than his partners to impress her.

For Disney, he voiced Chi-Fu in the 1998 animated film Mulan. Despite this, he doesn't appear to be very fond of the soldiers, either, as when he says they're unfit to be soldiers, he says "those BOYS" with disgust and disdain. He begins to doubt himself. When the Emperor begins to list the faults Mulan has committed, Chi-Fu then shows a grin, which turns to a look of shock when the Emperor instead honors Mulan by bowing to her. She also called Mulan a disgrace when the Matchmaker was the real disgrace. Unlike most people, Ting-Ting is amused by his puns, but would not laugh, claiming to dislike laughter, though the reason is that she thinks her snorting laugh is embarrassing. After close examination of the doll and traces on it by his five main men, Shan Yu deduces that the Imperial Army is waiting for them.

He is typically stationed at the palace of the Chancellor Chi-Fu is pompous and elitist.

When Chi-Fu calls him from the Fa family for military duty, he puts down the cane, stands straight and accepts his assignment scroll, not caring about his old crippled body despite his limping and visible pain.

Though loyal to his superior, Chi-Fu's misogynistic and pompous behavior puts him at odds with most everyone that he encounters. Unfortunately, it is not. Shang angrily prepares to assault Chi-Fu, but is stopped by the Emperor. Mulan, however, takes control of Li Shang's last cannon, aiming it for a nearby mountain. Ambushing General Li's army, Shan-Yu wipes out the Emperor's best troops, including General Li, and sets the village on fire, only the aftermath of which is seen in the film. Blaming Mulan for the troubles, she publicly humiliates her and says that she will never bring any honor to her family being a wife. Chi-Fu returns to the Imperial City, alongside the army, to a hero's welcome. Despite her doing it to save her father and actually defeating the Hun Army, Chi-Fu declares "ultimate dishonor" on her and cites the law which states that Mulan must be executed (as women are forbidden to join the army), and also stops Khan, Yao, Ling, and Chien Po from halting the execution.

He is the first to follow the Emperor's example by throwing himself down to kow-tow (an Eastern bowing position that consists of kneeling with one's face and palms to the floor). James Hong, Actor: Big Trouble in Little China. He hands Shang the sword of the Hun leader Chi-Fu (not referred by name, only by his job as the Chancellor) will appear in the movie, played by Nelson Lee. Luísa Salgueiro Isabel Ribas António Pedro Cerdeira Carlos Freixo Joel Constantino Luís Filipe Duarte Paulo B. He also played Chiu Chang in Zorro Ming Lo in No Deposit, No Return , Bobby Birdsong in the 1995 Touchstone Pictures film, Bad Company , Y B'ham in Operation Dumbo Drop , Dave in the Home Improvement episode, "Games, Flames & Automobiles", and Kenny in the ANT Farm episode, "CANTonese Style Cuisine". However, the Emperor takes the threat seriously and tasks Chi-Fu with distributing conscription notices to all of China. Cri-Kee, who attempts to escape, ends up in the Matchmaker's cup of tea, and when Mulan tries to take the cup back, The Matchmaker falls on the floor where Cri-Kee gets into the clothing and when she gets up to tell Mulan what happened, she notices that Cri-Kee is in her clothing, causing her to crash into a stove, lighting her backside on burning embers; Mulan tries to extinguish with a paper fan, but the hot embers turn into fire, which Mulan manages to extinguish by pouring the tea on her. Here is where he first reveals his sexism, telling Fa Zhou to teach his daughter silence in the presence of men, not even dignifying her with a reply to her face. During this task, Chi-Fu comes to Mulan's village and announces the Emperor's orders. In order to escape punishment from the ancestors, he pretends to be the Great Stone Dragon and secretly sets out to make Mulan a war hero.

He is dismayed to learn that General Li has promoted Chi-Fu returns to the Imperial City, alongside the army, to a hero's welcome. ""The general may be your father, but I'm the Emperor's council.
Grandmother Fa noticed her as a little stinker. Though loyal to his superior, Chi-Fu's misogynistic and pompous behavior puts him at odds with most everyone that he encounters.

The notices require one man from every family to serve in the Imperial Army. His sacrifice causes Mulan to forgive him for trying to break her and Shang up. At first, Mulan's companions were to be two reptilian creatures; the idea of the creatures being dragons had not been established. Ex.

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