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'Fortnite' Claim Your Trident at Coral Cove Locations Week 5 Aquaman Guide | Newsgeek'Fortnite' fans must claim their Trident at Coral Cove in Week 5. Never miss a thing. I guess this is maybe to discourage 100 players on the map flocking to one tiny rock, as three tiny rocks at least spreads that out a little bit.Once there, you should be able to claim the trident once this challenge is live. How to unlock the Week 5 Aquaman challenge. In order to get this task done, you must be among the first to reach one of these destinations and fully search the Trident.

Alongside Rocksteady's Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. Which Week 5 Challenge is giving you the most trouble?

No, I do not believe this is one of those “only one person per game can claim the item” things as I think Epic has learned their lesson from that, and as many people as need be should be able to claim the trident at any given time, barring any glitches with this challenge.So yes, you technically get both the Aquaman skin for completing five challenges this week and the trident for completing the “claim trident” challenge.

Coral Cove Location In Fortnite Season 3: Where Is Trident At Coral Cove?

'Fortnite' is available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and mobile. Here’s everything you need to know to Claim Your Trident At Coral Cove in Fortnite. Ever. You need to head towards Coral Cove in … To do so, look for jagged rocks like this. To claim the Aquaman trident, all you have to do is swim over, climb onto any one of the rocks and use the button prompt.A relatively simple process, but a note of caution — the process might take a little longer than expected, so be aware of other players on your tail.On successfully completing this challenge, Aquaman's trident itself is unlocked as a harvesting tool for you.

However, the catch is that whirlpools are still disabled as we speak, which was one of the earlier challenges, so if you didn’t get that done right away, you may be out of luck until that gets fixed.If you are able to claim the skin, you can also claim the shirtless style by diving over the waterfall at Gorgeous Gorge while wearing the original skin.

Not only is it a valuable addition to your Fortnite inventory, but also serves as an essential step in unlocking the Aquaman skin and it's alternate version, which is now unlockable.However, it is essential that you complete all the Aquaman Week 5 challenges, in order to successfully procure these exclusive skins.In case you missed it, here are the full list of objectives regarding the Fortnite Week 5 Aquaman challenge:On successful completion of all of the above, the Fortnite Aquaman skins (replete with the glistening, gorgeous trident) will be all yours. While we've outlined all three possible Trident locations below, the truly difficult part of this challenge will be to make it to each spot as fast as possible.This is especially true given that fully searching the Trident requires several seconds to complete. Where to find the Fortnite Trident at Coral Cove So where do you need to look to find Aquaman's Trident?

There are actually three identical rock formations around the giant shell island and the whirlpool, and apparently the trident can spawn at any of them. "We would have made the best Star Wars game ever made. The fifth and final Aquaman challenge in Fortnite has been released by Epic Games, and this latest challenge gives you an opportunity to claim the trident at Coral Cove.Not only does this enable you to own your very own, glistening Aquaman trident, but also ties into the broader Fortnite challenge of unlocking exclusive Aquaman skins!Here's a guide on how to claim your trident at Coral Cove in Fortnite.Located in the north-west section of the map, Coral Cove is a noted landmark, situated just north-west of Sweaty Sands and southwest of the large whirlpool.The trident that you will acquire can be found on a rock in the middle of the water, in this particular area.For further precision, it is situated north of a large boat and southeast of a small island. Generally speaking, your point of focus are these jagged rocks sticking out of the water around the tiki island northwest of Sweaty Sands. "Comments for this article are now closed. For now, enjoy the fish god himself.I write about video games, television, movies and the internet.Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own.News and opinion about video games, television, movies and the internet.

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