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In 1997, Zabrodsky was inducted into the International Ice Hockey Federation's Hall of Fame.

Unlike football, the Hockey League has succeeded in defending membership of the LIHG on the national principle instead of the state throughout this critical period. The union did not use money and the spread of ice hockey (called to differentiate itself from the Canadian hockey band) helped at least by the fact that its officials published articles in various magazines. A virtual museum of sports logos, uniforms and historical items. Following the success of the ice hockey team in the 1920 ice hockey tournament, the Ice Hockey Section, under the chairmanship of the successful representative of Jan Fleischmann in 1921, was named the Czechoslovak Canadian Hockey Association (CSSKH).

CIHA associates around 110 000 registered players, 85 000 of them are men. A committee was selected after the initial meeting featuring Herites, Prochazka, Benatski, Kracik and Potucek. It was originally founded as the governing body of ice hockey in The creation of the Bohemian federation was an extremely complicated and convoluted process as the representatives from the various clubs had to meet four times (December 11, 18, and 30, 1908 and January 13, 1909) before they were able to select a president.
The idea is that all hockey clubs who want to be in the federation will be in the committee, something that was decided during the third meeting on December 30. While the number of hockey clubs distributed was around 15, the number of hockey clubs under ČSLKH and registered ice hockey players increased until 1938. There are around 2 600 registered women. A season in Shenzhen and beyond. The sport is immensely popular in the Czech Republic with the men's and women's national teams ranked fifth and eighth respectively, according to the International Ice Hockey Federation.

Between two conferences, the CIHA is being ruled by the executive committee of 11 members with a president of the CIHA. The unification of the Union took place after a year, mainly under the influence of the European Ice Hockey Championship 1925. The association has managed to establish and complete at least two years of the National Leagues as a new national ice hockey club competition under these favorable conditions. The league usually takes place between September and April and features 14 teams. In 1927, the union brought together twice the number of clubs to the state after the First World War, but this did not match the number of registered players. The CIHA centrally organizes the following competitions: I. Before the First World War, the Czech Union alternated about two dozen clubs, but they had to organize the tournaments themselves. It is governed by the Czech Ice Hockey Association. Every two years, he meets as the supreme body of the conference, which is once every four years in the election. Ice hockey was run by about a third of 25 member clubs. In January 1929, for example, a match was played between the teams of Prague and Opava, where the best hockey players of German origin were in the Czechoslovak territory. Mauer and Seider use mini-internship to look behind scenes of German Ice Hockey Federation. The association has been more focused on safeguarding positions on the international scene. PRAGUE -- Vladimir Zabrodsky, one of the best Czech hockey players in history, has died. The construction of the stadium in Štvanice in Prague has faced a number of problems. Domestic championship decorated with gold medals has greatly helped the Union to promote ice hockey at the expense of the band in Slovakia, where it took place after some peripetials. The Eastern Hockey Federation will welcome hockey families back to regional rinks this summer for the league's Annual Tier One Parity Tournaments. About Czech Ice Hockey. The Czech Republic has 72,075 players officially enrolled in organized hockey (0.7… GER 07 AUG 2020. EuroHockey Championship II, Men Gniezno, Poland, 15th – 21 st August 2021 . Oficiální FB stránka ČSPH/ Official site of Czech Hockey Federation
The EHF, in collaboration with the Polish and Czech Hockey Associations, has agreed to push out the EuroHockey Championship II, Men and Women until after the Olympic Games, they were both due to take place from 1st – 7th …

It was originally founded as the governing body of ice hockey in Bohemia and later served as Czechoslovakia's national federation.. The Czech newspaper Narodni Politika from early 1909 (January 2-3) wrote the following after the fourth meeting: "There is a saying that you get it done in three times, but this wasn't enough for the people who want to found the Czech Ice Hockey Federation. Czech Hockey Federation FIH Quality Programme for Hockey Turf - Certified Fields To help ensure good quality fields are built for all levels of play, from elite level competition to community development, the FIH has developed an internationally recognised quality-assurance programme - the FIH Quality Programme for Hockey Turf. Oral history of how Chinese club won 2020 Russian women’s title. EuroHockey Championship II, Women, Prague, Czech Republic, 15th – 21 st August 2021.

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