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His Aunt Percy keeps him safe and sound(so he won't lose an ear. Both those kids needed to lighten up and have a good time for once...Sylvie has his driver's permit, but he can't drive without a legal adult in the car with him. i designed coords for all the main characters and made molly model them :)never in my life did i expect to design a soup-themed dress but here we areEverytime I make a dumb joke and it turns out to be accurate I gain a proficiencyI absolutely ADORE the ENTIRE cast of  Epithet Erased and I also adore chibis, so I thought it would be really fun to make chibis of the EE cast!Here are some Epithet Erased valentines day cards I made! 4. i designed coords for all the main characters and made molly model them :) never in my life did i expect to design a soup-themed dress but here we are. Whe...Third spam book consisting of your average fandom obsessions, rants, oc gushing, vents, gacha stuff, history facts, and how pears are evil. Press J to jump to the feed. )Infused with Earl Grey Tea, I dis-coloured the batter with butterfly pea flowers, giving it a more sicklier look than the previous cupcakes. here's a selection/archive of the art I've...! Indus seems to be a gentle giant. Reblog. Indus also sports tattoos on his face, shoulders, chest, and arms. Both Mera and Indus’ cupcakes are infused with tea leaves and decorated with sugar, Indus’ a soft caramel sauce while these are solid. !Requests are OPEN!! Alternate Universes will meet the Canon Epithet Erased. He is noted for usually always giving his name and epithet away, noted by Sylvie to be something "only an idiot would do". Her epithet, "Fragile", allows her to increase the fragility of objects until they shatter. Posted by 1 month ago. A person's Epithet is a power related to a word, similar to the Quirks in My Hero Academia or Devil Fruit Powers in One Piece.The difference though is that Epithet Erased will often use silly or awkward words to give some pretty creative power or make some very dumb but hilarious jokes. Rearrange My Alphabet {epithet era... by Rose Acklen. new. 5 notes. Thieves burst down the doors in the middle of the night, inscribed warriors do battle in abandoned exhibits, dinosaur bones topple to the floor, and a little girl named Molly is trapped in the middle of it all! Mera is also quite irresponsible, blaming the whole heist on her bodyguard Indus. If you are a boy...[Update! 1. Molly spit roast.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Hi! card. He has a large upper body, however his lower body is much smaller. The first episode debuted on VRV on November 8, 2019. These tattoos are symbols of the sun (on his chest) and of turtle shells (on his shoulders.) His emotions often cause him to make foolish, rash decisions as well. What a loyal guy (again, cupcake). Official production is estimated to have begun sometime between March and May of 2019, where the series was developed and produced up until the airing of episode 7 on The concept of "epithets" were originally introduced in Brendan's According to Blaber, Season 1 cost almost a quarter of a million dollars to make, mostly raised from The series has received positive reviews, with many critics praising the concept, characters and writing with some criticism directed towards the limited animation and plot direction. hot new top rising. also feel free to ask questions or something about my epith...Where I put random stuff/shower thoughts based on the western zodiac. User account menu. Not much is known about Indus' backstory, but he originally was born and lived in the Desert Country before he met Just as with Molly, Indus has great respect for him after seeing him and Molly mutually protect each other. Requests are open~(Y/N) is a 14-year-old cadet for Sweet jazz city Police.

I'M BACK! top. It currently has an 8.2/10 on IMDb.Alongside the announcement of the doll, a soundtrack CD and season 1 poster were also released, via PLASTERBRAIN's Bandcamp and Brendan's Teespring. This is basically just our precious little goofball becoming a villain and joining the Banzai Blasters. D&D Beyond Heh heh Epithet Erased; Summary. Everything is coloured without the use of food colouring.

hot. An Epithet: Erased fanfic I wrote crossposted on AO3. In this au Sylvie is the son of Martiny Blyndeff, and brother of Lorelai. joethesparkle . Press J to jump to the feed. (There’s gonna be more, but I wanna post these first!! Just ask!I mean, with shattered sugar… who else could these cupcakes be based on?? Looking up, Mera stiffened as she took in the slack-jawed looks from her three travel buddies. But why does she do that? "I thought you were arresting me."

Molly - Dani Chambers Giovanni - Kyle Igneczi Mera - Lindsay Sheppard Indus - Anthony Sardinha Sylvie - Zack Maher Percy - Sandra Espinoza Ramsey - William T. Sopp Martin - Jay Preston Zora - Dawn M Bennett Arnold - Oliver Tull Gorou - Ari Ross Dr. Beefton - Cyrus Rodas Bugsy - Heath Morrow Bartender - Jordan Dash Cruz Howie - Justice Washington Car Crash - Wyatt Baker The show takes place in the world of Sweet Jazz City, where a lucky few are born with powers attached to their souls known as "Epithets". epitheterased epithet giovannipotage giovanni erased mollyblyndeff sylvie sylvesterashling mera indus percyking percivalking molly zora xreader zorasalazar ramsey sylvester ramseymurdoch percy. Epithet Erased is a fantasy/comedy web series created by Brendan Blaber, based on the tabletop roleplay series Anime Campaign. PLEASE DONT SHIP MOLLY WITH ANYONE, SHE IS A MINOR INCLUDING SYLVIE (Cant believe i have to...In an effort to make Molly happier, Giovanni organizes a sleepover between her, Sylvie, and himself. Just… keeping a close eye on her (well, the cupcake).

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