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We didn’t really need confirmation but, just in case there was any doubt, Whalley made it on to the Sunday Times 50 Best Places to live in Britain. It is now worth between é67- and é75,000. Hi all, I am about to view a room on the Chorlton side of Whalley Range (near Manley Park, about a 10 minute walk from Chorlton tram stop). One investor bought four and they are rented out, the others went to a variety of people, professional couples, an elderly lady, one to a young family. We just want to live somewhere nice with an eye on starting a family in the near future, so good schools, safe area etc. Whalley fully deserves its place on the Best Places list.

The Quays are fine but it's isolated and full of latte-drinking media knobs. Whalley Range. The Alexandra Road end has a poorer bus service, but the upper chorlton road end is served by the frequent 86. For such a small place, it has to possess one of the most vibrant shopping centres in the north west.Virtually all are independently owned by local people who have built up a national reputation. There is a strong sense of community in Whalley Range; we love our streets, we care about gardening, and there are always activities taking place that contribute to making our environment an even more pleasant place to live, despite being so close to Manchester city centre. The original developer Samuel Brookes (he also created Brooklands in Sale) may have stipulated no traders but he said nothing about pubs and alcohol. North of the High Lane has bigger semis in Darley Park, Whalley Range and Manley Park. Stretford - The chorlton end is not too bad and is very close to the metrolink but not much there. For up to date lists visit the Whalley Range Covid 19 Mutual Support Group If you need support please only accept it from someone you know.

We could live anywhere. My headcanon now is that there are two "Whalley Range", the one near Alexandra Park (quiet, residential, nice) and the one near the Tesco and the other shops (apparently a bit dodgy).I still suggest going for it, as I love it, it is very close to everything (city center, university, supermarkets etc) and it is surprisingly cheap compared to other area.

I have lived pretty much all over south manchester and have really settled in Whalley range, personally, I think it's the most relaxed and probably the safest place to live.

Feel free to PM me if you need more information!New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be castPress J to jump to the feed. It’s a great place to meet friends and neighbours and after all, Whalley is all about community,’ says Edna.Another long term resident who agrees is Joyce Holgate, MBE, who ran the village sweet shop for many years. Making it a conservation area has helped preserve the character of the area and it came just in time but there is no doubt that rising property prices have been the real incentive for people to spend money on restoration. She’s also known affectionately as The Countess of Whalley, a title given by locals in recognition of everything that she has done for the village, including founding the Chamber of Trade. It's got a bit of a dodgy reputation, but I live here and work in Chorlton and I get more bother in the 5 minutes it takes to go from Electric to Morrison's than I've had in 2 years of living in Whallet Range. "But suddenly everyone else seems to have realised its value and the price of development land has increased 200% in the last year, with all the major builders moving in.

Mayfield Road on the eastern side of Withington Road is one of the classic roads. The Village Hall continues to be at the heart of the community hosting all sorts of events from music to origami.

Several of the estate agents recount the theory that the land was originally owned by the Quakers who only sold it back to the city on condition that no alcohol was sold within its boundaries for 100 years. And is set to get worse. What we do: Working together to make living here even better - through community action, cleanups, urban gardening and promoting a cleaner and greener Whalley Range.. Sadly, according to historians and city planners this is not strictly true.

The poshest end is the village, around Beech Road, with older sizeable terraces. Demesne Road in Whalley Range … We know because when the family owned jeweller’s, Sarah Layton, wanted to stock her products they had to send details of not only their own shop but every shop in Whalley to make sure it was stylish enough for her ladyship! Mehmet's company, Wilmslow Estates, is currently restoring Royston Court, a 100-year-old building that has been divided into 28 one-bedroom flats. Other than that, it's a great place to live. We didn’t really need confirmation but, just in case there was any doubt, Whalley made it on to the Sunday Times 50 Best Places to live in Britain. Apart from its history and the attractive location, it scores highly when it comes to independent retailers.

Try and get somewhere in the conservation area and it's even better.The part near the Tesco I used to call crack village some dodge people around that bit - further up withington road is a red light district at night.

Whalley Range Climate Action Group latest news… Everyone welcome to come along to discuss the climate emergency with other concerned people and get involved in actions to make Whalley Range a more sustainable place to live. I am planning to identify and record our weeds, before pulling them out, and create a little booklet to be distributed to people, so that we start looking at these little plants in a different way and perhaps allowing a few to live longer and flower for increased biodiversity.

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