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Tarzan noted that he felt threatened by anyone that was different from him. Throughout most of Tarzan's early life, Kerchak treated him with disdain and disapproval and refused to accept him as his son. Due to this, Kerchak often appeared to be mistrusting, cold, judgmental, aggressive towards outsiders.

Convinced, Tarzan asks Kerchak is next seen chasing Tantor and Terk dressed as Professor Porter and Jane respectively through the jungle believing them to have intruded. Take care of them my son. Overhearing the commotion, the two desperately try to save their child but fail to reach him in time as Sabor carries him off and kills him. When Sabor attacks the family and pursues Tarzan, the silverback nevertheless comes to his defense and does battle with the leopard.

He was voiced by actor Lance Henriksen. His forearms are enormous and his head is rather large. However, he could be outmaneuvered by more agile fighters as shown when he fought against Sabor who used her superior speed and agility to gain the advantage before Tarzan intervened. When Tarzan looks to him, the silverback walks away solemnly when Tarzan presents Sabor's corpse to him.

She shows him to Kerchak who tells her that he will never be a part of the family because he's not a real gorilla.

Wanting Jane, her father Archimedes and their guide Clayton later turns against the Porters and Tarzan and imprisons them, before he and his men attack the gorillas and begins to put them in cages to sell them on the black market.

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„ ~ Kerchak allows Kala to keep Tarzan, but refuses to accept him as his son, and as one of the family.. Kerchak was the leader of the gorilla family, the husband of Kala, the adoptive father of Tarzan, the uncle of Terk and an anti-hero in Disney's 1999 animated film Tarzan. History Edit. That doesn't make him my son"Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Tarzan noted that he felt threatened by anyone that was different from gorillas. Tarzan frees him and after Kerchak expresses surprise that he came back, Tarzan replies that he came home. Stunned by this challenge to his authority, Kerchak warns Tarzan against visiting the humans and orders him to protect the family by staying away from them. Kerchak is first seen at a lake taking a puddle in his hand to drink but he is then splashed in the face by Tarzan while he was chasing Terk, Kerchak then looks angrily at Tarzan and rolls his eyes and watches three baby gorillas follow Tarzan and Terk. Heartbroken, Kala goes off on her own. Kala breaks down at the loss as Kerchak attempts to comfort her. Tarzan gets wounded by her and receives claw marks across his right breast, he then raises his spear at her, but she's too fast and breaks it and knocks the head onto the flimsy covering of a pit. Kerchak lived in the African jungle with his mate, One night while Kerchak and Kala were asleep, their son saw a frog and chased after it. Kerchak was the leader of the gorillas and a major character in Disney's 1999 animated feature film, Tarzan. Disney version. When he sees the Porters there, he immediately realizes Tarzan brought them and is shocked by the sight of them. Angered by his judgmental, unkind opinions of him, Tarzan gets into Kerchak’s face and aggressively confronts him on why he feels threatened by anything he considers different. Eventually breaking free, Kerchak rushes over to save them but is once again brought down by Clayton's men and blinded. A shocked Kala objects, claiming he would die if returned but Kerchak stands by his judgment, telling Kala firmly he cannot allow her to place the family in danger by keeping Tarzan as he considers him dangerous. He then comforts a mourning Kala who believed Tarzan was dead but he was actually unconscious and is still alive. Kerchak is a secondary character in Tarzan.

Asking for his forgiveness, Kerchak, in turn, apologizes to Tarzan for not treating him as a part of the family. One day, when Tarzan is an adult while gathering fruit for their dinner, Kerchak is attacked by Sabor and nearly succeeds in killing him until Tarzan pounces on her and pulls her off him, and they fight. Kerchak often appeared to be cold, judgmental, aggressive, and always jumps to conclusions.

Kerchak was a powerful fighter and his massive frame gave him the advantage over most opponents. He is an Clown Animatronic Kerchak played George Banks in Marian Poppins Kerchak played The Great Dane in 101 Cubs.

He is the leader of the gorillas and Kala is his mate.

Kerchak was a large, adult male gorilla with black hair and gray skin. Kerchak is the silverback leader and king of the mountain gorillas and an anti-hero in the Disney movie Tarzan later he reformed.He is the mate of Kala, the adopted father of Tarzan, and the uncle of Terk.He is very tough, and he can be Cynical too. Before the death of his biological child, Kerchak appeared to be warmer and more playful as he was seen playing with the baby gorilla but after the child was killed by Sabor, he grew cold and grumpy.

Games Movies TV Video. He did occasionally show a caring side as when Tarzan was presumed dead after falling off a cliff, Kerchak tried to comfort Kala. He also seemed to have become somewhat overprotective of the gorillas following the death of his biological son, as he refused to adopt a baby Tarzan because he feared it may endanger his family, in spite of being clearly harmless.

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