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They began a special kind of relationship between each other, forming into genuine love eventually. Tohru nonetheless quickly gives him Arisa's contact information, and her sincerity and determination in her actions make Kureno laughs, and he decides to safely let Tohru go away.After Arisa's class had a play, Momiji decides to transfer the recorded play to DVD and give it to Kureno.He then later meets with Tohru unintentionally on her part, and she is shocked to realize that all the birds flew away from him. While Akito always knew it was an empty box (she had already opened it), Ren believe there was something very special belonging to Akira; hence to her longing for the box. In the last chapter, Hatori invites Mayuko on an Okinawa vacation. When Kureno asks her how she feels, she admits that she'll get lonely without Tohru, but she is happy to move forward with her own journey. He also knew that Kureno's curse had been broken, but kept quiet about it probably for Akito's sake. Hatori is the private doctor to the Sohma family and is responsible for suppressing memories (using a form of hypnosis that is handed down in his line of the family) of those outsiders who discover the Sohma family secret, such as Yuki's childhood playmates.
She was working in the main house of the Sohma family as a maid when Akira, the then current leader of the Sohma household, realized that she was very ‘'different’' from all the other maids, though in reality, Ren was being 'different' so she can get attention from him. Even though he describes his two meetings with Arisa as trivial things, he soon breaks down crying and realizes that he really does want to see her, as he felt like she was the first woman he fell in love with after being freed from the curse. Soon after that Shigure comes and told Akito that Tohru Honda has learn about the curse. Ren Sohma appears on the front cover of Volume 21 of the Fruits Basket manga. Ren and Akito truly hate each other, only because Ren was afraid that Akira would love Akito more than her, and became jealous when that self-fulfilling prophecy came true. Arisa asks if he is truly happy, to which he says he does. Kureno interacted with both of them before his curse was broken, when they were all still young children. Afterwards, when Ren (not knowing that she was pregnant) was impregnated with Akito, the future "When she finally gave birth to Akito, her husband Akira and many of the other female maids immediately took care of Akito, like as if she was the head of the household. The Sohma family was at its peak, and Tohru knew she and Kyo had reached the top at last. Momiji Sohma is reveal to be half German and half Japanese (Japanese on his father's side, and German on his mother's). His most usual suit and consist of a black vest, with an unbuttoned grey shirt underneath without any tie, along with black trousers and a pair of brown shoes. The main reason why Kureno stayed with Akito was mainly pity, especially since his curse was broken before anyone else's. Like all the Cursed Sohmas, their respective animals are drawn to them, and in Kureno's former case; roosters. However, this henious treatment is not exclusive to only Akito, and Ren has also proven to be quite cruel to others as well; as she lied to a young Isuzu aka Rin, saying she had a "happy" home, suggesting that she knew Isuzu parents were miserable with her. Akira loved Ren more than anything. Even with the comfort of knowing that her husband loved her first, Ren was plagued with the belief that Akira's love for his daughter can one day overpower what he feels for her; which is why throughout the series Ren continues to disturb Akito with her malicious words and foul actions. Akito and Ren's hatred towards each other eventually escalated to physical violence when Akito tried to strangle her mother. An example is not caring for her child by not holding her when she was just a baby and not taking care of Akito during her childhood. She holds jealousy and contempt against Akito's connection towards Akira, and feels replaced as father and daughter continue to spend more time with each other. As she still hates her own child, Ren even hates her grandchild and has try to kill him once. It also mentioned that the other Cursed Sohmas distrust him; it may be because Akito singles him out for special treatment, or because the spirits inside them whisper that Kureno is no longer one of them. He is often the only one who can restrain Ayame's worst behavior, and is the only person Shigure trusts enough to talk about his schemes. Uses the song "Sister Golden Hair" by the band America. When Kureno catches up to her, Akito introduces Tohru to Kureno as the Rooster, to which he politely greets her. In connection to this, he explains that he lives life following a particular pattern and that doesn't do "unnecessary" things very often, such as taking strolls or going out to buy things. But he stills wants to stay by Akito's side and pretend to be part of the Zodiac due to wanting to keep her from being lonely, and in the process reveals Akito's true identity as a woman to Tohru.During a Sohma family meeting, Kureno accompanies Akito. Shigure hates Kureno because Akito chose Kureno over him.

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