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<>/PageLabels 87 0 R>> We encourage talents of all types and ability levels. Types of events and competitions that were part of this year’s virtual fair included: home craft competitions for junior ages 0-18 and adults; colouring contest for those 10 years and under, with two colouring pages to choose from; a youth talent show for … 0 There are many ways students can share their talents. Invite residents to send in a video of them performing one of their favorite talents. endobj

Pre-school. Sylvan AMPed Presents the. stream Talent Show. You can then compile the videos, and send it out to all of your residents! VIRTUAL TALENT SHOW During the Week of May 18 online at x�d};�u��\�@��;�W�0��sc686>��6l��*V��nG甤��%Q")������������׿�����������o��������¥��I)�Us����]~�Ͽ����?����z�?��Oi��~Z���3����_����������?�_?����￵\?e�̲>��O��E - (F5T��/�͟��2Ov��l�T��������S�%�nى�����gC�o> o��-{C�����?s�]X�S�yzcO���0�5(CmZ��/vE�7�Xg����n;��6W��2����2ԗ�9��g�������ۿ��+�f��>5c ���'�3����@>?^�g/����������=�J���o+;�kkA �i���A��Ӈ.�D�/*�j T�f^��9}bH���Q�gKȖ;6�������6kO�Z6�9�Y�=\� �f�9�gd���#.�S��Τ�y�tL)��y3��$�l�qz�T�6�8�'���mY��$3њd�^�|Ҝ?i�����Ē�p��fs4ְ��lCתׁÜ����b�vC��H0�U��$�̆j&ٺ��"�^�5h���_��:z�2�� �(�:�k_��e6�3 �k�h�e6z0�����l$�`��`��`v$� ����l�ag6@sf̗ٵ/�5�V��@��5z���f��:��u�ٙd4^��u�Os^��u�k_^#���z�h��F�rffrf{�m(� 4_f�/9�Z0(��F�V0�����l��f�`�7������n�f�9�g��Ŷ��O��iP���͗�cU�*9�}�- Kick-off your virtual resident events with a talent show. Mary C. O’Brien School is proud to present M.C.O.B. Acts can include anything from singing, instrumental, dancing, All acts must be school appropriate. %PDF-1.5 ��1���l���B�ٞ@fW�a2o�/�OB���juf���쓰Z���5� w�>"�}:*� �Aw�F����$�~�x��>h��n�3�}���k��n�>�}��~r� +q�$�X��fr; 99 0 obj <>stream 2 0 obj endstream endobj 54 0 obj < 1. Glenwood Elementary; Linden Elementary; Willow Brook Elementary; Woodland Elementary Virtual Talent Show. bG���͐`6^��j���7$��U_�1�x��i�bն)���6���l���j�nk)vۧ��ת�Qi+�1b�j4Ry؍� �Am�d��> {T�68'��6TM8�OBkչ}Pϱ ���r��؏��m>�Ƥ�1�L���=����ӳƒ}P^��8����k���y���D&�[.ѧ[�$.�[�v":�l�����N|�yk;�V�l�qBvjr0=���\ %���:d Lights, Camera, Action…………. Talent Show Flyer Template. Oak Ridge Schools Preschool; Close; Elementary Schools. %%EOF 53 0 obj <> endobj %���� endobj <> �����ө]W���Q�4mŝ�H�Ź �������In$����� 4�Cn$h�ղm�e������Psr����~�8���~��̇�HH�ɍ���*�!7:+Vn�҃�/�I�j̆�L�����yT'�!7��~� �E��FB��iԝ�@ld7�tvrr�� �6���l�{�ۨ]����bO��sQ��m$L�6z��@��Vvp���>����k$��5\���iH��*��rZ籹���ª���$�Zv�N�@NkO � 9����a��nl��J�Y 4��j$��J�Y����� y8�ч#_��&�O��_^�2�������3x}Շ�'!��kcӵ��;�T^�8%v$ y� H�nH@�{�;�v^;

To be a part of the RMS 2020 Virtual Showcase of Stars Talent Show: 1. endstream endobj startxref %PDF-1.6 %���� SCHOOLS.

Flyer Sylvan Virtual Talent Show 2020 - Google Drive ... Sign in By doing this, you can help people step outside their comfort zones while also performing what they love. r+A�ƣ#ȍ7���'��`�A��O�!�.�O���>��`���_v��^�ݧ!��/���r�pƪ„r���m��=�]�M$� T�s���L'��0�� m;��j������@&�ێ�ۑ`ܶG�����P�~��� �@P`͇�hN��P�Nm��j�k�O��: 3 0 obj endobj Virtual Connections Talent Show April 30th Connections is looking for homeschool students to join the show and display their talents (singing, instrumental, art, skits, poem reading, whatever your talent). Acts may include musical numbers (vocal & instrumental), dances, skits, poetry readings, art presentations, and more. 4 0 obj h�b``f``Z�����~�01G��030*10t��1nec� �#����d{���0Ȝ��ؕ1��:�2�����"̼!����p:D�Q � ��V This year’s theme is Conquer the Mountain. No Judges, just talent! virtual talent show. <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/Annots[ 25 0 R 26 0 R 27 0 R] /MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Talent Show Flyer Template - Talent Show Free Flyer Templates Student Council Lip Sync Vacation Bible School Clips Activity Days Relief Society School Fun. Bobcat Virtual . Video Entries Due May 15 <> 1 0 obj 74 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<8ABF2EF35CD25E42803A3A58ED9AA0EB><3749FBD251D5B3479980CE142CBBC84C>]/Index[53 47]/Info 52 0 R/Length 99/Prev 107398/Root 54 0 R/Size 100/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream

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