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Games like Hakuoki or Collar x Malice can still be marketed towards men because of the action and very plot-heavy and romance-light stories. So he threw peaches at her and she was driven away. Tsukiyomi has pretty much lost it at this point and wants to bring back Amaterasu. She tries to lie to cover it up and say she did, but kisses her and then she finally admits she didn’t sleep with him and did what she had to in order to protect him. He lives in the “hell” of the underworld and is somewhat like family to Byakuya since he’s the protector of the white and from Tennyo island. So now Himuka and Byakuya reunite they can be husband and wife lol. But Akaza gets pissed and immediately comes to her aid and tells anyone who tries to harm her will be killed and he intends to protect her. Rikuu who gives permission for her to go to and from insists she reconsider this but Byakuya refuses to back down and continues to do so much to his reluctance to let her pass through lol.Byakuya delivers a letter to the blue district but stops to find Rikuu performing a dance ritual but doesn’t realize it’s him. He explains to her that he finally made progress on making a sort of discoloring vaccine from the “irohana” flower she let him use. She actually can if she wants to and only lied so she wouldn’t try to go back home again on her own as a child. Byakuya is pregnant with his child and plans to go to live on Tenyou island with her maid and Yosuga’s soul crystal. Kuroba is suddenly shocked to see her hair turn grey but she doesn’t know how to explain it to Kuroba so she tries to play it off as it’s just how her hair looks wet. But Kanan stops all that by threatening Hairi with a gun to hurry up and kill Byakuya. So he invites her to make her dinner and she promises to meet him at Kotowari’s office.Meanwhile, Byakuya finds a story book wash up on shore about Izanagi and Izanami. It really depends. Olympia thinks it’s too sudden so he invites her out on a date (even though he has no romance experience lol). They discuss Rikuu’s punishment for using his power without permission. In other words, he was born from his mother who was a blue but his father not being the right color, was caught and executed. She shows no interest in him, but he also believes she shouldn’t just reject him without getting to know him first since affection could develop naturally for them.

This game likes to you show you that while the people living above are more well off in a sense, the people below are the ones who are most genuine (unfortunately women are still usually unhappy). He also allows for Byakuya to call him grandfather since he’s the closest thing to one for her.Byakuya gets ready to prepare for her dance but suddenly she gets a visit from Rikuu. Byakuya then goes to talk with Tsukiyomi and tries to convince her to just leave the world they live in behind and start a new one. After doing it, people in the underworld start to see that Rikuu isn’t as hostile as they thought he was. Byakuya meets him and he shows her a painting he did made out of the “shou” or soul crystals dipped into a poisonous lake.

Afterwords, Rikuu decides to speak with Byakuya at the bathhouse again and tells her that he’s actually a child born from “Hazushi”. Unfortunately, she can’t really not have babies unless for some reason she magically doesn’t have to anymore… but I mean, the whole point of the game is to create more whites because she’s the only one left (she was pregnant in Akaza’s route though). Apparently he’s a yellow who had a stronger yellow than his brother and was brought into the family before being banished to the underworld. The reason for that is because in the legend Susanoo tried to defile Amaterasu and in rejecting him, she was killed. When Byakuya visits Akaza and Kuroba to ask them about delivering the letter for him.

I daresay most of the sub characters above were absolute trash while the ones living below were all nice. She tops him saying she no longer wants to wait and she wants him now LOL . After this, Byakuya thinks hard about finding a husband but since Tokisada is 17 (men can’t marry unless they’re 20 and women at 18) she can’t marry him right away, and she believes Yosuga only sees her as Byakuya and not herself. She tells him it’s because she met her other half, being him, and he becomes speechless after hearing this. Himuka was Izanami’s first child but because he was a bad color he was put into a boat and was swept away by the sea. I thought to make it easier to sift through Otome Game and Eroge/Renai reviews (without having to search through the tag cloud or rummage through pages in the otome game/eroge categories) I'd create a separate index page for them. In addition, she rejects her offer to attend the school (that’s now allowing females for the first time) because she believes that when women like her begin to learn they come up with the stupid things she’s telling her now.

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