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So… Maybe oblique is not the right one for me after all.Oblique nibs give a little line width variation without having to flex the nib. I share your sentiments. You currently have javascript disabled. (A left-hander would choose a nib according to how they hold their pen relative to the paper.) The Fountain Pen Network uses (functional) cookies. The learning curve for me was very small if I recall correctly. If that is the case, a nib meister can reduce the size of your nib to something more to your liking and even produce a size not available from any of the company’s stock offerings. Rhodia paper is one of those that seems to encourage “singing” because of its heavily filled surface.Thank you, Mike. As Foodwriter wrote, there is a bit of a trick to being on the sweet spot -- it's not hard, but it takes a little getting used to. If yesteryears nibs were fitted to today’s pens, I can only imagine the complaints/damaged returns that the company might have to deal with. In fact the handwriting produced by a Pelikan oblique nib will be virtually indistinguishable from that produced by a standard round point. Vintage is @ 1/2 a width narrower than modern. He doesn’t do them all himself any more but the most recent pen I bought writes beautifully even though one of his colleagues did it. They have always done an excellent job for me and are my favorite among several various nibmeisters I have tried. I’ve had some other stubs ground by other nibmeisters, too, and they are also excellent; however, the stubs done by CFP seem to suit my style of writing best. The larger a nib, the more room is there for the material to move, therefore a nib in the size M800 or M1000 will automatically provide a good flexibility. Email will only be used to respond to your question. It'll give you a very broad signature with some flair. Never measured the line.Very interesting. These can be ground somewhat smaller than the stub while still preserving a noticeable line variation. There are also pretty engravings on the nib surface. I’ve learned it’s also very important to be cognizant of your own particular style of writing and how you hold your pen.

I have an OM in a 200, an OBB in a 200 and an OB in an 805. Excellent review Maybelline! The effect is that the cross stroke of the cursive italic is thinner than that of the stub while still creating that thicker down stroke.

He did good work. It uses Pelikan's excellent plunger refill system. I have an 805 with an OB and another with an OBB.

The one I have is just a regular stub line wise, that was a factory B. Anyway, sometimes we don’t agree with the decisions that companies make, and while I don’t agree that the big nibs – especially the obliques – should be discontinued, I did not rush out to get one for myself. These are gold-plated stainless steel nibs simply stamped with an Should you choose to opt for one of the above customizations, you should be prepared to answer a few questions in order to optimize your experience. While you may not mind the lack of variation, you may not like the fact that the fine nib you just bought writes more like a medium or that the medium may put down a significantly bolder line than anticipated. The nibs shine much more with cursive writing but sadly I have lost that skill and my cursive is atrocious. "Dearest Member or Visitor of the little Fountain Pen Nut house on the digital prairie, The Pelikan M400 is the traditional pen from the Pelikan Souveran range. I'd not call them italic, but stub. Oblique nibs have no influence on line width variations. As usual, your writing is concise and informative. The nib was springy, almost semi-flex (but I did not try to see how far it could flex).I used J. Herbin Perle Noire, which tends to be my go-to ink for reviews as I am familiar with it. Thus a stationer could easily change the nib unit and did not have to keep complete fountain pens with various nibs in store.The presentation of nib widths based on the Model 100 and / or 100 N, ie to the 1930s and 1940s.Manifold nibs were very hard, and later they had two breather holes and the slit in the nib became shorter.Often the value of gold nibs is overrated, especially at flea markets. No, they are not calligraphy nibs. Writing.

This could potentially also allow you to see the amount of ink that is left inside the pen.First impressions: the nib is huge! They should have increased it to a flexi nib and a posting nib and a wality nib etc.I write every day with a 1952 Pelikan 400 with an oblique Broad nib. I am sure the reason for Pelikan dropping the aforementioned nib sizes was cost needless to say I am glad that I purchased my small flock of chick and their Oblique nibs when I did. Also, the writing conditions were much less than ideal. This tip generates a cross stroke with the same width as its down stroke. All a theory of course but rather than tech lost, it seems an adaptation to the modern (fountain pen) novice user.I’d like to say as well that not only has the writing style changed which in turn created the need for the rigid nibs we see today. In my review of the Pelikan M120, I discussed how I was able to take an oblique medium nib from a vintage Pelikan and swap it into a modern one.Guess what? I found a nice view of it in this Joshua Lax is a nibmeister from Brooklyn, NY, who has offered his services at the Philly Pen Show. Obviously, it is my decision ultimately, but does anyone have any advice? That vintage nib fits into both the M120 AND the M400.

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