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The fountain pen, rollerball, and ballpoint were made by Sheaffer in the 1990s and are truly wonderful writers. By 1991 membership had truly gone national, even international, and so the SCPCC changed its name to the Pen Collectors of America®. Raleigh Pen Show 2020 - Canceled - Tentative New Dates Started by Ashram , 30 Apr 2020 : 4 replies 591 views; The Spring 2020 Pennant Is Here! While the ball of ball point pen is very similar; here, the fountain pen stands unique. Classic styling in a modern pen that is very smooth.

This bottle found its way for use this week. I have had the pleasure of meeting with Luca Baglione, CEO & Co-Founder. Use your tools, a pen, ink and paper. For payment by PayPal, please contact us at

Yet, the 1.2mm flex in the medium semi-flex nib will really get most collectors going. Not only does the nib responds to your use, but the selected ink gives your writing a very personal characteristic.I am an avid user of fountain pens, and Glenn's Pens is all about fountain pens, inks, stores and companies and the pleasure of owning and using a personally selected fountain pen. And just like that, I'm living on the East Coast. Collectors of pencils, ballpoints, dip pens and… Before long the group, now known as the Southern California Pen Collectors Club, was meeting at a member’s home every two months, and before much longer, there was a newsletter and a reference library of old ads, catalogs, repair manuals, and other pen-related material, all member-contributed. For pen users, there is the enjoyment of rotating pens so that you entire collection gets a use. fountain pen. Collectors of pencils, ballpoints, dip pens and other writing instruments are also welcome.Sometimes we have a presenter speaking on some aspect of fountain pen collecting and sometimes we don’t.

Welcome to the Philadelphia Pen Collectors Group website. Our Trading Post offers a place to post vintage, new or used pens, pencils and writing ephemera --including parts. From fine, medium, broad or stub the pen nib gives character to your pen strokes. The stripes, Salvatore referred to this as spagetti, accent the length of the pen. Before long the group, now known as the Southern California Pen Collectors Club, was meeting at a member’s home every two months, and before much longer, there was a newsletter and a reference library of old ads, catalogs, repair manuals, and other pen-related material, all member-contributed. Information about the company is included at the link below..You have heard about the battle in Italy with the Covid-19 Virus. That’s modern fountain pens, vintage fountain pens, fountain pen history, fountain pen ephemera, fountain pen ink, and the use and enjoyment of fountain pens. After all, your pen so very personal. Our mission is to promote and foster an understanding and appreciation for the use, care, and collection of writing instruments and to further cursive writing and calligraphy. In my earlier travels, when I would arrive in a city, I would be looking in phone books, or asking at the hotel front desk about the possible location of pen stores. We moved in December to Wausau, Wis. Same goes for ink. Fountain pens have a variety of nib options. The writing results vary from colours and tones that show shading as you write to a consistent line of colour. Fountain Pen Basics. The writing experience is personal and depending on the nib, it actually changes to reflect how you hold and use your pen. And, we both enjoy writing with the classic If you live in Vancouver, BC Canada, or are visiting, the Vancouver Pen - it is an iconic pen store in VancouverNovelli - leading pen store in Rome - say hello to MarcoIn Paris - Visit with Stephane Renard of Palais du StyloCassa della Penna in Naples is a great store to visit. Ballpoint pens were invented in the 1940s, although earlier efforts to design them dated back to the 1800s. Updates are greatly appreciated. più bello di quanto pensassi. Christmas is a time when we reach out to others, but that can take place at any time. Welcome to our introductory guide to the world of fountain pens. The colour of the Sand resin have many variation of tones. pens are very popular with their flex nibs like this "Red" model. Please pass them on so we can add them to this website. For each fountain pen sold, Scribo donates 50% of their profit to the Fondazione Sant’Orsola in Bologna to support the “Più forti INSIEME” fundraising project. pens are great for at least psychologically beating the heat. These pens are sold directly by their owners, and the Trading Post is a great place for you to sell some of your treasures for waaaaay cheaper than certain popular auction sites.

Nibs can be firm or have flex... more options to make your pen and reflection of you. A pen too big or small impacts how the nib rests on the paper and the writing line you will create.

in "Chinese Laque Amber" is a stunner for ballpoint pen fans.

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