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0000006334 00000 n The Metro Tunnel will … However, this was much less impressive than it sounded. 0000007549 00000 n 0000004837 00000 n Social sustainability. Sustainable Management Environmental Stewardship Policy. 0000830723 00000 n Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria is committed to making environmental sustainability a priority in all of its operations including planning, budgeting, decisions, projects and programs. 4�y�J�[v����"�9Np)��������eX�H��>�Ǭ��HfXm�#�A�� �� �2�g�Rpr��i^�5�/ F��n��"V��#GfƎN��ܱ��I�='�u-:�a��������;X�xiu1���]�|[�x� H�c:��{BC{@�D��A�x����7����R؇��������\BT�8�����g]�*wxi�r��S��'ԗ�g�A�E]�訰|ѓV�L�%�K/�Χ.�Q�A��$ ���+.5\�di�j����k��ݼ�AX�MY:��oƮ�Ȓ;�I��N����(2��8^Xpv�xQM=as��5?+�F���}=��\���� ��s��91�k�)�0-� Our population is likely to almost double over the next few decades to around 8 million by 2051 - this means new Victorians bringing new ideas and new opportunities for our state. 0000006419 00000 n The Melbourne 2030 plan of 2002 designated twelve ‘Green Wedges’ for protection from inappropriate development.

0000857599 00000 n Economic sustainability. 0000747132 00000 n The Sustainability Plan 2017–2020 identifies operational actions and targets to bring the commitments of the Charter to life to the end of 2020. Make a positive environmental impact by procuring sustainable products and services, and recycled content, or when planning and delivering a construction project. 0000003068 00000 n

0000004191 00000 n PLAN A SUSTAINABLE EVENT. 0000005040 00000 n MCB can help connect you find sustainable suppliers that align with your specific requirements to deliver a sustainable …

0000743179 00000 n 0000735152 00000 n 0000803528 00000 n The Victorian Government’s program of major transport … The Green Wedges of the 1970s had set aside green spaces that cut into the expansion of the greater urban boundary; now they merely designate non-urban areas beyond the existing built-up … 0000785139 00000 n 0000785098 00000 n It requires current generations to choose how they meet their needs without compromising the ability of future generations to be able to do the same. 0000829908 00000 n

0000013189 00000 n Find out more Waste data portal 0000004952 00000 n 0000830529 00000 n This document focusses on community sustainability, financial sustainability, and organizational sustainability. 0000803643 00000 n These will set critical benchmarks to monitor and measure the sustainability performance of the Metro Tunnel Project against sustainability requirements.We’re committed to reporting our performance against sustainability outcomes on an annual basis until the project is completed.Copyright © 2020, State Government of Victoria, Australia 0000730153 00000 n 0000857678 00000 n 0000858295 00000 n 0000803487 00000 n 0000830644 00000 n Creating a sustainability event is something that should be considered early in the planning process. 0000830608 00000 n The Sustainability Report demonstrates the annual progress of sustainability activities towards the Charter commitments. %PDF-1.4 %���� 0000857947 00000 n 0000796820 00000 n 0000796861 00000 n 0000014172 00000 n The sustainability plan is basically a document, that describes how your project will be sustained in the long term. There are … 0000005165 00000 n We’re minimising and managing potential impacts of the Metro Tunnel on local communities to ensure it makes a positive contribution to Melbourne’s social fabric. Our meaningful engagement with local communities will help strengthen a sense of ‘place’, with local communities actively contributing to project planning to get the best result for their local area.Our comprehensive approach to managing sustainability ensures that sustainability requirements are integrated into the Metro Tunnel Project’s deliverables and activities.

0000002886 00000 n This group shares knowledge and works to ensure sustainability is implemented across the project.Another way we’re ensuring sustainability outcomes are delivered is by applying leading sustainability rating tools to the project. 0000857077 00000 n Have your say on the University's approach at the Sustainability Plan 2016-2020: Investments Forum. 0000857412 00000 n 0000803722 00000 n Sustainable procurement in government. hޤU�O[e?����k���s�PM`�L[�P��¼�zA7��l��{���\Q�u��:_>�h�1�Q�Ә%?,���'�j�ѐe���%�x�>}�9��{��� ��� ���Î�CFY�@��r��&�M~�޸��I���ƅI�\U��7R5������7�A���0c�d�����ԇ�`=�lw�}���#Ӈ(wd�����K�us���~ۼz�=�c,��t_����;�nV�d� 0000729230 00000 n 0000006968 00000 n Learn about the strategy. 1525 0 obj <> endobj xref 1525 58 0000000016 00000 n The sustainability plan has become more and more important because donors would like to fund projects that have the potential to survive and thrive in the … 0000005691 00000 n 0000730635 00000 n THE METRO TUNNEL Sustainability Strategy 1 Melbourne is Australia’s fastest-growing city and is projected to be the nation’s biggest by 2056. They’re working with us to provide expertise, share knowledge and pool resources in project problem solving and planning.Combined, we’re driving new approaches and we’ll set new sustainability benchmarks to extend industry best practice. 0000012202 00000 n 0000002684 00000 n We’re requiring all delivery partners to develop their own sustainability management systems and, importantly, outline how they’ll meet the project’s sustainability targets and wider initiatives.RPV is leading a sustainability coordination subcommittee, which includes representatives from delivery partners and the operator. 0000006532 00000 n

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