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I worked for postmates for a brief period along with my room mate. When restaurants contact the corporate office, Postmates says that we can pay an annual fee (I believe 300 is the basic) to become a Postmates Partner. Some are terrible. That’s why once these transactions post, I’ll have no hesitation over calling my bank to initiate a chargeback. Having driven for them for about 9 months now, their changes to the platform consistently take away features that help us drivers, which (go figure) decreases the quality of the services we provide – it has become increasingly evident to me that they don’t care about this fact.I’d keep my cool over something like that and give them a one-time exception (I’m pretty sure that you will get the dressing next time you order a cobb salad). They have the restaurant’s full menu integrated onto their site. I responded that I didn’t want a refund, but wanted my dressing. We contacted customer service through the app and they said sometimes there are parking issues or weather issues; neither was the case. It was a horrible experience for me due to all the cancellations and issues with payment. She straight up lied! Basically, you order something and a Postmates driver picks it up and brings it to you.A Google search for “Postmates Customer Service Issues” will deliver a number of results showing that this company often fails to stand behind their product. It’s the reason I’ll never use the service or work for them again.I ordered something from them once. This makes things easier for you since the customer service team from Postmates will call the restaurant and make the order. Is one better than the other? it’s is a HORRIBLE service, and I honestly would never give them mine.I ordered food through Postmates which came out to close to $50 I go to pick up my order and the merchant proceeds to tell me they never received an order but yet I’m looking at an email that says my order has been confirmed and was ready for pickup.. The point is, if a food delivery arrives and the food is even remotely inedible, the onus is on the delivery service to rectify the situation fully. So I said well I will just file a police report on your driver bc I have a name a picture and dispute every charge ever as I never noticed that I have had an issue with every order and they gave Partial refunds to your Postmates account but I want it returned to my card be they are straight up criminalsI ordered with them twice this past weekend. That is a consumer issue for and I will be deleting my postmates account and uninstalling the app to use another competitor. I had a $14 salad with no dressing, but I got $5 back. Postmates just picks up the bag and hands it to you. BUT , there can be many other problems with them !!!!!!

MERCHANTS. We’ve had lots of issues with orders being canceled and sometimes wrong orders or missing items. Don’t like macaroni. She refused to come out due to safety concerns, so the Postmates courier left with her food. So it’s up to the delivery service to make sure they’re delivering what you asked them to and to make it easy to resolve the issue regardless where the failure is.This is the restuarant fault. It’s crazy how often we fill up or cats with gas.

Coupons for $10 OFF & more Verified & tested today! I called the restaurant and they said they never received an order from Postmates.

Wish I had checked this site before I tried them.Issue with Postmates: recomend never using Postmates..                Now that I have a real person to talk too, I can express my displeasure with your service. Miles to Memories and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. I understand the driver is just picking up and delivering, but from the customer perspective the order should be correct.

When the food was delivered, there was only two bags so my coworker who went to meet the driver questioned him on the completeness of the order. Spent the time to make sure it was accurate. Currently, you can get $100 in delivery fee credit when your friend signs up with your referral code and places their first order. I am a driver.

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