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Sports Festival, a tournament of physical capability that gives the Hero course students the chance to show off in front of Pro Heroes who might want to hire them someday. Shota Aizawa and Mirio escort her back to the hospital as Izuku waves goodbye to them. Due her main strenght is being flashy, she uses her Quirk to dance elegantly and gracefully in the sky, creating a rose in the air. Gentle is glad that his last fight was with Izuku as La Brava cries inconsolably. High School where students from all grades and courses can de-stress by participating in spectacles of different themes. Many people have gathered to see and enjoy Class 1-A show, although some of them, like Tsutsutaka and Chikuchi, are skeptical over how a musical performance can really be that good and worthy of so much focus. Izuku and Yuga are checking the stuff for their disco ball routine when Izuku realizes that the rope is frayed from overusing it during the practices. Thanks to word of mouth, even some of the students who didn't personally see the concert received the feelings that the class had poured into their act. is an annual event held by U.A.

Izuku, Ochaco, and Mirio and Izuku give Eri a tour of the school, where she meets other students and sees how they work hard for the School Festival. "Later, at Height Alliance, Class 1-A is deciding who will be the members of the musical band. Izuku replies that he is like him. Meanwhile, Eri wonders if Izuku is going to dance as an excited crowd begins emerging to see Class 1-A's live dance performance. When the festival is over, she finally goes to sleep.Everyone at U.A.

Izuku is angered because Gentle tried to harm an innocent person, but Gentle retorts that he expected Izuku to avoid that incident, assuring him that he was going to bounce the beam away from the civilian if Izuku didn't move. Read School Festival [29] from the story Samurai |BNHA| by akatsukislut (Author-sama) with 867 reads. High School celebrates every year where students from all grades and courses plan things for everyone at school to have fun. Danjuro resolves then to become remembered by the the villain Gentle Criminal. At the U.A. Class 1-A begin launching some of them into the air, making it all the more spectacular, and Ochaco uses her Quirk to get some of the audience to join in on the fun. 16 2 52 (1 Today) By Quasar1007 | Watch. The audience is surprised by the flashy introduction, as Kyoka thanks them for being there before she starts singing. By 1:00 AM, an exhausted Tenya Iida announces that they have all of Class 1-A's roles for the dance hall live performance organized. Izuku shoots Gentle, but he uses his Quirk to make the attack rebound, hitting Deku himself. His dream is no longer his own anymore and he will achieve it for the sake of all those who believed in him. At the same time, Izuku recognizes the voice, remembers the video he and Ochaco watched before, and identifies the stranger as Gentle. The young hero replies Gentle was trying to pull a prank on U.A and they just had a small disagreement but that everything is OK now. Over time, though, he found them too bulky and ineffective at his preferred close range, so he chose to fight relying on his own body. Gentle jumps from the collapsing construction beam, forcing Midoriya to jumps in the way of the steel beam to catch it with both hands and prevents it from falling on top of the civilian La Brava met before. As they run to retrieve his purchases, Izuku thinks about how Gentle was his toughest opponent so far, as he could have strayed from his path like Gentle did because they share similar thoughts and feelings. Izuku asks Eri about his idea; Eri wants to get to know the people who saved her and agrees to go to the School Festival. As they struggle, Gentle asks him why does he want to be a hero. Eri apologizes to them for all the trouble for her sake; however, she is unaware that Izuku suggests Eri should come to the School Festival.Izuku then gets an idea and asks Shota if they can let her out for a day so she can participate in the School Festival with everyone. Crying tears of joy, La Brava hugs Gentle and proclaims her love for him., to which Gentle reiterates the same line of thought and vows to succeed in their U.A. For weeks all the students work hard for the event. After hearing Kyoka's beautiful voice, everyone unanimously agrees that she will be Class 1-A's vocalist and also will play the bass.
He attacks Izuku with a Izuku manages to tunnel into the ground to escape the Gently Sandwich. Then, four years later, he meets the same rival classmate who by this point had become a Pro Hero, but when he speaks with him, the classmate does not recognize him.

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