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T’=T/√(1–(v²/c²))Yeah it seems people here (and in general) don't understand the formulaic nature of stories, even on 'creative, groundbreaking' tv shows. Ben’s mom a mermaid? Or, at least partly. Elaine Pownall is a recurring character in Freeform's series, Siren.

If people get mad, then it's their own fault. Does anyone else think/hope that Elaine Pownall will turn into a mermaid because of Ryn’s stem cells? Foreshadowing is everywhere. Posted by. Warning for my soon to be proven true spoilers: I hope Siren's writers hang out on Reddit!

Notice how they were focused on half and fully paralyzed mice... which just so happens to be what Ben's mom is suffering from. Close. save hide report. Ryn Fisher is a main character on the Freeform series Siren. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. SPOILERS S2. She also likes to find out information from others, even if she makes the other party uncomfortable, whether intentionally or not. Their family has known for generations that mermaids exist, which also probably means they know what powers they have too. I still want to discuss things though so I just add a spoiler tag to my comments.

They haven't been seen yet. share. — Elaine to her son Ben. A lingering shot after a camera pan, a musical cue, it all means something. Would've love to see that on screen.I think people are theorizing she is a mermaid because she is in a wheelchair. Tan skin tone, with gray eyes, and shoulder-length hair that is a dark brown. Just need someone to break it down. Years ago, she was severely hurt in a boating accident, thus rendering her legs immobile.

7 comments. Ryn is a mermaid who finds herself in Bristol Cove, a coastal town known for its history with mermaids. She is portrayed by Eline Powell. Between the script, the directing, and the editing, everything is in frame for a reason.

They needed a specimen and the corresponding research, thus the Navy initiative was born. My money is on the opposite.
Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts She is portrayed by Sarah-Jane Redmond. I have my own theories, but keep them to myself after my experience of spoiling the West World Sub. Especially after a couple episodes. 1 month ago. 100% Upvoted. I don't get it if she is a mermaid how or why is she in a wheelchair? " If I've learned anything, it's that time is not something I can take for granted anymore. " u/sweetstack13. She is there searching for her sister, Donna, who was separated from her by fishermen who accidentally captured her. 19. Idk, it just seems like an interesting twist the plot could take. What are your thoughts? lolNew comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be castPress J to jump to the feed. Elaine can also be quite overbearing, especially toward her son’s girlfriend.

Maybe giving up her legs was part of the deal to stay on land forever. Because your theory is ridiculously excellent. I plan to rewatch just haven't gotten around to it.People think this because they don't understand how television gets written and what a traditional plot the show is following. When she arrives in town, she assumes the name "Ryn" from a cartoon she briefly watches through a child's bedroom window. Elaine is polite, social, and a very involved woman, whether it be supporting her husband’s politics, her family, etc. Elaine is the mother of Ben and Doug Pownall, and the wife of Ted Pownall. Maybe her legs are disfigured in the same way Ryn looks when she has been out of water too long.I think it is mostly speculation at this point fueled by the pilot discussion thread.

Ben’s mom a mermaid? SPOILERS S2 .

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