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In December a headquarters staff was appointed, consisting of Eoin MacNeill as chief of staff, The O’ Rahilly as director of arms,Thomas Ma Donagh as director of training, Patrick Pearse as director of military organization, Bulmer Hobson as quartermaster, and Joseph Plunkett as director of military operations. What if a Unionist or a Coalition British Ministry repudiates the Home Rule Act?What if it be determined to dismember Ireland? To the land of our adoption and the Irish volunteer! 4:35.

The IRB was completely opposed to Redmond’s demands, as this would end any chance they had of controlling the Volunteers, but were unable to prevent the motion from being carried in Redmond’s favour.Shortly after the formation of the Volunteers, the British Parliament banned the importation of weapons into Ireland. The Irish Volunteer was first printed on 7th February 1914 and was used to communicate orders and directions to the Volunteers as well as highlighting the activities of specific units to inspire others.
The UVF opposed Home Rule for Ireland and wished to maintain the union with Britain. They retained the name “Irish Volunteers”, were led by MacNeill and called for Irish neutrality. For years Kincaid has been the lead singer, lead guitarist, and leading songwriter for the American roots rock band, The Brandos.Kincaid, a long time Civil War enthusiast, assembled a collection of songs written during the Civil War era about Irish American soldiers fighting for the Union.

To a recruiting-office then I went, that happened to be near, And joined the good old "Sixty-ninth," like an Irish volunteer.

It would be the third Home Rule Bill, introduced in 1912, which would lead to the crisis in Ireland between the majority Nationalist population and the Unionists in Ulster.On 28 September 1912 at Belfast City Hall almost 250,000 Unionists signed the Solemn League and Covenant to resist the granting of Home Rule. They left to form the National volunteers, which fought in the 10th and  16th Irish Division, side-by-side with their volunteer counterparts from the 36th Ulster Division. The Irish Volunteers realised that it too would have to follow suit if they were to be taken as a serious force. The Irish Citizen army supplied slightly more than 200 personnel for the Dublin campaign.The Rising was a failure in the short term, and large numbers of Irish Volunteers were arrested, even some who did not participate in the Rising. The term began as a derogatory one, but soon became ubiquitous in Ireland. Although the two organisations had some overlapping membership, there was no official connection between Griffith’s then moderate Sinn Féin and the Volunteers. Over the course of the following months the movement spread throughout the country, with thousands more joining every week.The names of those who were members of the governing Committee of the Volunteers from November 1913 to October 1914, exclusive of Redmond’s 25 nominees who only functioned between mid-June to mid-September 1914 were:When the thirty member Provisional Committee was finalized, the addition of several new IRB members brought their total within the Committee to twelve. Within a year it had an estimated 160,000 members, but quickly split at the outbreak of World War One. In 1919 the Irish Volunteers became the Irish republican army, swearing its obedience to the First Dail during the course of August 1920.Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.Information Required on Members of the Irish VolunteersRoyal Irish Constabulary & Dublin Metropolitan Police Memorials

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