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She was very patient.) I like it so much that I’ve just put in another order for the lime green. After some use and ink changes they write almost identically, however, so I believe it may just be a QC difference.The Eco is a phenomenal value for writing experience: the main difference I see in the Vac Mini (besides design) is that it feels a bit heftier and more solid -- though the Eco is by no means fragile.The Fountain Pen Network uses (functional) cookies. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality.I have both the Vac 700r and the Eco (I also have a 580 AL & Mini in eternal storage) and I find a  difference between the two when writing; but I have to qualify that by saying the nibs are different sizes (both are Mediums) as are the pens so they will feel different in use.The pens themselves are different in size and design and have different filling mechanisms; if you like a larger pen get the 700r or if you prefer a more standard sized pen consider the Eco or the 580. Goulet Pens Blog.

Thi… The 580AL, despite also being a 1.1mm staub, lays down a significantly larger line than both the Eco and Mini. We always try to prepare as much as we can, and then when the holidays hit,  we’re giving people option G because options A through F are sold out, and we’re subsisting off take out and “food” that comes out of a box in the freezer.Every year I learn lots and lots of lessons about the holidays, and every year I think this year I’m not going to make this or that mistake again – but every year seems to be a whole new set of surprises and mistakes waiting to be made, which is sort of the exciting part of the it all, the whole adventure of the holidays.Maybe it’s the cold weather creeping in, or more and more notes saying they’re doing some early Christmas shopping, but it feels like I’m buzzing a bit, in the best possible way, as Jon and I plan ahead for holiday hours and timelines for shipping and Christmas trees and egg nog and the sound of people stamping their boots to get off the snow at the top of our steps.As I mentioned to you before, I’m looking forward to getting the ECO when it comes in, my only thing is that I don’t know whether to go for medium or fine. They’re both functionally basically the exact same, although you pay an increase in price for the upgraded details and finishes, as well as the option of swabbing out nibs on the 580 + 580 AL, over the less expensive ECO.There are a few key differences between them that might help you make a decision if you’re looking at picking one of them up, so I thought I would put them altogether into one post here.These three pen models, the ECO, the 580 and the 580 AL are all very similar – they’re clear piston-fillers that hold a lot of ink and they come at a great price point for the filling mechanism (as opposed a cartridge/converter).The ECO is the lowest priced, and is named accordingly (“economical”).

(Perhaps I should say “easily interchangeable nib,” since technically you can swap the nib on an ECO, you just have to pull the nib manually as opposed to unscrewing a nib unit, and you cannot purchase ECO nibs separately.) (Thanks to Sarah at Wonder Pens for helping me with this purchase. You currently have javascript disabled. Close. It's particularly aimed at young writers and those not necessarily used to writing with a fountain pen. The ECO is one of my favourite pens. Thanks all!Edit: Ended up purchasing one with a fine nib, thanks for the help :DThe basic guideline is that TWSBI nibs will be about one full size larger than Pilot nibs. The ECOs do not have easily removable (by twisting off) nib units that can be purchased separately from TWSBI, unlike the 580 or the Mini. If you're familiar with the Lamy Safari then you'll know exactly how this works. Pen cap has an inner cap to insure a perfect seal when stored away.

Don’t worry - the TWSBI ECO-T fountain pen is still recognisably an ECO. This wallet-friendly fountain pen still features the same type of piston-filling mechanism and hence the same huge ink capacity but came in at a little over half the price of its sibling. However, TWSBI does bring special edition versions of its pens out frequently, such as the All prices include VAT at 20%. Our website uses cookies to offer a better user experience. I would say the 580 barrel and cap shape are a much sleeker, slimmer look – the ECO is definitely bulkier – and it also feels nice in the hand.The 580’s cap and its barrel are clean and simple while still having a bit of a curve and detail to them, like the metal trim and jewel-like finial, that make it a really good looking pen. I have a few of the 580 ALs in the orange, and I love it.This post is a bit timely because we’re expecting the new 580 AL-pink to come in later this week, but what really spurred this blog post on is that I finally cracked and got an ECO in the new Lime Green, which I’ve been pining over for a while.I have a few 580s and 580 ALs, but this is my first ECO.

VAT Registration Number GB 855 6813 91. Received my order for ink very promptly indeed and it was very securely packaged. I didn’t like demonstrators: now I do.So glad to hear it! This model is the TWSBI Eco.TWSBI's Eco has a regular grip with circular cross-section like most pens.

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