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Child of Our Time is a documentary commissioned by the BBC co-produced with The Open University and presented by Professor Robert Winston which follows up on the lives of 25 babies who were born around the turn of the third millennium as they grow from infancy, through childhood and on to becoming young adults.

Through intimate stories, compelling archive and experiments Child of Our Time brings you the inside story of today’s 16-year-olds. It follows the lives of 25 children, born at the beginning of the 21st century, as they grow from infancy, through childhood, and on to becoming young adults. Born in inner city Birmingham, Tyrese is the third child of Marie and Jamal Hakeem. The three children who died were Anne Marie O’Brien, Jacqueline O’Brien and Baby Doherty, the unborn child of mother Collette Doherty. Child of Our Time : The children's stories : Tyrese and James. Documentary | Episode aired 22 April 2009 Season 6 | Episode 13. During the first half of its run a set of about three or four episodes was produced annually. Professor Robert Winston follows the development of 25 children born in 2000In the year 2000 the BBC embarked on a ground-breaking project – to follow the lives of 25 babies born in the UK. Media not available in the Digital Archive. The aim of the series is to build up a coherent and scientifically accurate picture of how the The project is planned to run for 20 years, following its subjects from birth until the age of 20. At 16, these children of our time are almost fully grown. Chanel and Tanesha and an important part of the series since it began in 2000. Child of Our Time: the Children's Stories 7:00pm - 7:30pm BBC1 London & South East VIDEO Plus+: 9499 Subtitles, widescreen 3/5-Tyrese's Story Robert Winston presents a documentary series following the children featured in Child of Our Time. An additional point of interest and context is that the poem was originally dedicated to a child who died of sudden infant death syndrome, also known as “crib death”. As each teenager now embarks on one of the most profound transformations of their lives, we see how the experiences of their childhood are guiding them through their first steps into adulthood. She was the mother of Tyrese, I love being able to see myself a little bit more like other people see me.Watching the show back from when I was little is very interesting – I can’t remember as far back as when the filming started so it’s like I’m watching a different person.I can’t really relate to 5-year-old me but I can have a giggle at the same things she does and the insights that the psychologists give are things that can be applied to my life today as well in a few cases!I feel very lucky to be able to see my life in such detail thanks to Child of Our Time and I’m so glad I’ve had the opportunity to look at my history through the series.
With surprising new research in neuroscience we reveal many aspects of teenage life can be explained by the latest understanding of the changing teenage brain. Added to Watchlist. So what is determining the adults they are becoming? After 2008 new episodes became less frequent, and in 2011 there was some doubt about the future of the programme, including from Winston himself.The 25 children that feature in the programme were born to 22 families between January and February 2000. Description Tyrese -- Born in inner city Birmingham, Tyrese is the third child of Marie Blake and Jamal Hakeem. Summary of Child of Our Time

Previous All Episodes (40) Next Add a Plot » Star: Robert Winston. The brains of our 16-year-olds are wired to feel more self-conscious, to be more mentally creative, and to feel more intense pleasure, than at any other time in their lives. Child of Our Time is a documentary commissioned by the BBC, co-produced with the Open University and presented by Robert Winston. Add to Watchlist. This series is dedicated to one Series 11 View episodes. In our unique experiment we reveal what are 16-year-olds are up to online, and what impact 24/7 media engagement has on their sleep, their stress levels, and their growing social skills. The programmes did not add anything significant to what had been shown in the previous six years of the series; they were essentially clip shows.
They are now free to live by themselves, have sex, get married, pay taxes and even have children of their own.In this two-part series, BBC One finds out what it really means to be a 16-year-old in the 21st century. This series is dedicated to one of our Child of Our Time mothers, Marie Blake, who sadly died in 2016. Search the Digital Archive.

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