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za (in'flū-en'ză), The colloquial word flu is often loosely applied to any acute viral syndrome, including gastroenteritis ("intestinal flu").

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The report recommended the stockpiling of present Approximately one to four days after infection with the influenza virus, the victim is hit with an array of symptoms. An acute infectious respiratory disease, caused by influenza viruses, in which inhaled virus attacks respiratory epithelial cells of susceptible people and produces a catarrhal inflammation; characterized by sudden onset, chills, and other symptoms.
Diphtheria is an acute bacterial disease that can infect the throat, nose, or tonsils (respiratory and/or skin (skin or cutaneous diphtheria).

In Jonas, W. B., T. J. Kaptchuk, and K. Linde.

Because immune response diminishes somewhat with age, people over 65 may not receive the same level of protection from the vaccine, but even if they do contract the flu, the vaccine diminishes the severity and helps prevent complications.The virus strains used to make the vaccine are inactivated and will not cause the flu.

(800) 311-3435, (404) 639-3311. Amantadine and rimantadine can cause side effects such as nervousness, There are several alternative treatments that may help in fighting off the virus and recovering from the flu, in addition to easing flu symptoms.Following proper treatment guidelines, healthy people under the age of 65 usually suffer no long-term consequences associated with flu infection. Influenza viruses are divided on the basis of antigenic structure into three types. Vaccines should be received two to six weeks prior to the onset of flu season to allow the body enough time to establish immunity. Influenza is a serious disease, and approximately 1 in 1,000 cases proves fatal.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that people get an influenza vaccine injection each year before flu season starts. Roth, Y., J. S. Chapnik, and P. Cole.

Thompson, W. W., D. K. Shay, E. Weintraub, et al.

Influenza A virus is principally responsible for epidemics; subtypes of influenza A virus affect birds, horses, and swine as well as human beings. It was not until 1933 that the causative agent was identified as a virus.There are three types of influenza viruses, identified as A, B, and C. Influenza A can infect a range of animal species, including humans, pigs, horses, and birds, but only humans are infected by types B and C. Influenza A is responsible for most flu cases, while infection with types B and C virus are less common and cause a milder illness.In the United States, 90% of all deaths from influenza occur among persons older than 65. Influenza deaths have increased substantially in the past 20 years, in part because of the aging of the population. Heart and lung problems, and other chronic diseases, can be aggravated by influenza, which is a particular concern with elderly patients.With children and teenagers, it is advisable to be alert for symptoms of Reye's syndrome, a rare, but serious complication.

Influenza is highly contagious. A report published in early 2003 noted that Type A influenza virus has a high potential for use as such an agent because of the virulence of the Type A strain that broke out in Hong Kong in 1997 and the development of laboratory methods for generating large quantities of the virus.

These signs include high fever, intense chills, chest pains associated with breathing, and a productive cough with thick yellowish green sputum. Doctors may administer tests, such as throat cultures, to identify secondary infections.Since 1999, however, seven rapid diagnostic tests for flu have become commercially available.

Specific tests are useful to determine the type of flu in the community, but they do little for individual treatment. The 1918–1919 influenza outbreak serves as the primary example of an influenza pandemic. A common childhood disease in the 1930s. Influenza, commonly known as "the flu", is an infectious disease caused by an influenza virus. When the virus is inhaled, it attacks cells in the upper respiratory tract, causing typical flu symptoms such as The flu is considerably more debilitating than the Influenza outbreaks occur on a regular basis. Infants six months and younger have immature immune systems and will not benefit from the vaccine. Signs of a secondary respiratory infection often appear just as the victim seems to be recovering. When there is a good match between the anticipated flu strains and the strains used in the vaccine, the vaccine is 70-90% effective in people under 65.

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