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Food One hour ago. If other country’s around the world think we will cower to these slugs,they are dreaming. © Tea Party 247. Knowing the way things are we will probably get the same douche bags we already have.Aren’t the police allowed to fight back? As Americans continue to cope with the fallout of the coronavirus pandemic and the increasing breaches of civil liberties that are coming about as a result, those with no regard or respect for the law are using the opportunity wreak havoc on what’s left of civil society.

Talk All Conversations Talk. It is insane to have Our Police just stand there and take the assault and do nothing to stop the attack.When you are unable to reason or mollycoddle these clods it time to fight fire with fire.LOCK, LOAD, AIM and FIRE! They will be invading other sectors pretty soon and it AINT GOING TO BE”PRETTY”!

It should be airing around 7am our time, Sunday morning. men’s football. go to home media tech tab for more detail reinforce your heart……….. :*  Every month I am earning online more than $8650 by doing a very simply online job from my home.

I guess these monsters will continue until nothing is left. Lock the scum up and throw away the key. The Facebook home of CuChulainn H.C. Chicago.

Michael Cusack Hurling Club is a Jr. B Premier Club having won the 2013 North American Board Junior B Championship.

Freedom of speech, yes, freedom of violence and destruction of America, NO! Their leadership let them down tragically. I have received $18376 last month.

Everybody must try this job by just use the info on this page……. The good People of Chicago need to oust you!Why don’t the police use force against these thugs instead of letting them attack. They really believe they are having a Revolution for communism. The MAYOR and the CHIEF OF POLICE are supposed to protect everybody under the RULE of LAW,,,, everybody means that the POLICE are to PROTECT even their FELLOW POLICE OFFICERS whilst under any ATTACK, so I would say that your SHOOT EM is totally the right thing todo under this VIOLENT LIFE THREATENING ATTACK,, PISTOLS att eh ready HOMEOWNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Arrest as many as possible, fingerprint and mug shot them. New Conversation.

These evil people must be arrested for assault on policemen…!! These Terrorist need to be put away for along time.Democrats know what they are doing. Whether you’ve supported the New England Patriots all your life or have been swept away by their recent successes, the Banshee is the place to go … If you are being assaulted, FIGHT BACK..!! Many of our readers have reported improvements, and satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Homeowners be warned, your SHERIFF and your MAYOR are to PROTECT your SAFTY,,,,we the PEOPLE do not see any of that in CHICAGO and other DEMOCRAT run CITIES,,,,,WAKE UP BEFORE it is TOO LATE and DANGE will be running at MAX speed in all Democrat run CITIES,,,,,,, Syracuse you are one of them here in NY and NYC annon for ALBANY annon for the rest of NY cities run by DEMONCRATS presently in offices.

I have received $18376 last month. I’m using an 0nline business opportunity I heard about and I’ve made such great m0ney. So it’s time to change the politicians thought and intent towards their fulfilling their oath of office. I was raised in a conservative home and have raised my sons to be the same . If she really cared about her city she would work hard with the police department and find a solution to stop these thugs from destroying statues and killing innocent people.The violators need to be arrested and thrown in jail and the police need to be able to stand their ground against all who do not obey orders to protest peacefully and to leave. The water won’t kill people but will sure knock these anarchists off their feet…hence stop their rioting and mayhem…!!

It seems to just add up to that.

I have been commenting since the 1960’s that communism infiltrated our schools “all of academia “ , the media , movies and the political process . Don’t go another day with Tinnitus, get your risk-free relief now. I’m using an online business opportunity I heard about and I’ve made such great money. W­o­r­k­7­5.Co­mAre you constantly frustrated by ringing in your ears? WELCOME TO THE USGAA. to learn more aboutDo you wanna earn money without investing money? I lived in Chicago almost all my life and as a child I remember my dad telling my mom they offered him $ 100 to vote for them I’m in my 70s now so the demons has been in them a long time. This is on American soil.

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